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Vegan Lab results are in 2010-2011

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Last year before my show i had bloodwork done to check the things most people are concerned with being vegan. I'll first list the ranges for the major things I had checked and then last years results and last weeks results.



Testosterone: 2.8-8.0

B-12: 211-946

Vitamin D: 10-100

Calcium: 8.6-10.2

Thyroid(tsh): .27-4.2

Cholesterol- <200(less than)


2010- age 27. 2011- age 28

Testosterone: 6.9 8.07

B-12: 695 421

Vit D- 89.5 58.4

Calcium- 9.1 9.3

Thyroid-3.04 2.34

Cholesterol- 88 97

HDL/LDL- 34/42 42/46


If anyone wants to know anything different let me know and I'll post it. I started taking NO Xplode(creatine supplement) last Monday and had blood drawn Wed and doc said creatine levels were a little high(lol).

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