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My sister and her daughter.

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I am sitting here bored and not able to sleep. I wanted to post something on here so it doesn't appear that I am being inactive on this forum. I thought of something that makes me feel good that I would like to share. My sister is a vegan and she is somewhat of a survivalist. Even though she and I may not see eye to eye on particular things, I still love her very much. Back to her being a survivalist. Her daughter, my niece is 3yrs old and also a vegan. My sister often takes my niece into the woods where she teaches my niece to hunt for edible plants so when there is upheaval...more than there already is anyway. They can escape into wilderness and even if they are separated for some reason...my little niece will have the knowledge to survive on her own. I don't know of other children or even teenagers for instance who are even half as knowledgeable as my niece. Survival in the woods is only a portion of the things she knows. You can place any book in front of her and she will read it word for word...anything. Meat eaters consider it abuse that my sister supposedly deprives her of so called meat nutrients but I love my sister for it. Being a good mother who teaches her important things and who hasn't spent more than 5 minutes separated from her daughter is far from abuse. My sister hasnt submitted her daughter to television for even a few minutes the entire 3yrs of her existence. To be honest, I dont look at other parents the same way as I do her. I tend to be very judgmental of mothers I see with their children when I see them in public.

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thanks for sharing! it's really nice to read about such a dedicated mother - something which is not too common nowadays where children are raised in front of tv screens and fed with horrible food. I'm sure your niece will become a great personality well, in fact she already is!

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