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Celebrate life this Memorial Day weekend with VB&F!


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For those of you asking if you can still get in on this offer....I never say no, so I'll still honor this promo. Just email your Amazon.com receipt to [email protected]







How are you celebrating Memorial Day this weekend? Flag waving? Wearing good ol’ red, white, and blue? Throwing your favorite veggie burgers and veggie dogs on the grill? (Mmmm… Field Roast…) While we definitely want to honor our fallen service(wo)men, we also choose to honor all of the non-human lives that have been lost as well. As vegans, our community shows more compassion to all animals than any other community. So, in that spirit, please help us celebrate Memorial Day by promoting the vegan lifestyle! And I’ve got the perfect way to do that this Memorial Day!


Support both my Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness book AND the new Forks Over Knives book (and movie) by purchasing both from Amazon.com, and I will send you a FREE Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirt for buying the two books together at the same time! Total price for all 3 items is only about $21! To buy just the shirt is $24.95, so this is a really fantastic deal. As an added bonus, I'll also throw in a Forks Over Knives button and $10 worth of VEGA products.


Just purchase the two books together (the FOK book is available for pre-order), forward the receipt to [email protected], and I’ll mail you a free t-shirt! Let me know if you prefer black or green and what size you wear (unisex and ladies sizes available). As Rip Esselstyn says in the Forks Over Knives film, “It’s that simple!” But hurry! This offer only lasts through Monday, and only to the first 50 takers! So, get on it!




Father’s Day is right around the corner! The man in your life would look and feel great in a Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness t-shirt! Just sayin’…


Use this link to order the books:





Here are a bunch of photos of the shirts worn by members of this community and by vegan friends of mine. I'll get some photos of the back logo asap too. Thank you all so much for your outstanding support! -Robert
















My book's Official Video Trailer:


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I'm having a lot of fun with this!


You can seen on this link that my book is just behind Arnold Schwarzenegger's book on the Best-Seller list.


Pretty entertaining to see that!




There are still some shirts left, though many of the 50 free shirts are already gone.


The promo will continue through Monday.


If I go over the 50 shirts based on orders coming in all at once before I catch that I went over....no big deal, I can give away a few extra items with orders that come through.


Thanks everyone!




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Thank you to everyone who participated in this promo!


My book got as high as #7 on the best-seller rankings and I moved a lot of t-shirts, Vega, and we had the opportunity to inspire many by getting the book out there to the masses.


Thanks again for all your support!


All the BEST!



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