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is creatine vegan?

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I think that animal sinew and such stopped being used as raw material from which to isolate creatine long ago. According to what I know, most of the creatine out there is synthetic. The question is what do they synthesise it from. It still might come from animals.

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I have contacted MRM-USA about this to confirm ... and here is their reply ...


" All our BCAA powders are vegan and our reload’s (soluble BCAA’s for recovery) are vegan as well. We also just came out with a Vegan protein powder and Vegan greens that are so new, we’re still in the process of getting them up on our website. They are available at Iherb.com very soon. Our Driven preworkout is also considered vegan and we other in All natural version or with natural and artificial flavors.Also our Creatine Monohydrate and Glutamine are vegan, hplc tested and contain no fillers."


I have transitioned to using most of their products and they taste great ... the team over there is awesome too ... so it's a win-win ...



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