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I took my first spinning class ever. From Bob Harper :)

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Has anyone tried spinning?


I took my first spinning class ever from The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper. He's a fellow vegan athlete, cool guy I've seen around LA a couple of times and his class kicked my butt!


I'm going to go every weekend I'm in town! I travel a lot and I'm leaving LA in 6 weeks, but when I'm here I'll be spinning and trying not to vomit


Combined with weight training over at Gold's Gym Venice and Muscle Beach, I should get back in shape soon!

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Nice. The cool thing about spinning classes is that they are subjective so they can kick anyone's butt. The stronger/fitter you are, the more you crank up the resistance, and follow along just the same.


I bet Bob makes a good spinning instructor. I've taken a few spinning classes and the instructor makes all the difference.

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does he have some kind of special good qualities as a personal trainer, or is he good 'cause he's nice looking in a tv kind of way, or is it his personality? activism? sense of humor? personal integrity? cupcake baking skills? or what?


there are a few exceptionally good spin instructors at my gym. some are racers.


i hate spinning class.

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I'm laughing a the trying not to vomit comment. Been there. Spin is challenging that's for sure. I do like it to change up the cardio every once in a while. That's awesome that you could take a class with Bob Harper!

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