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Trouble with legs.......

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I am 40 years old, been lifting a long time but never stuck with a squat program for long because I always hit road blocks.


I just started another squat program about 4 months back and am starting to have odd pains in my knees while working out. Here we go again. I get pains and then stop. I am 6'3" and 203 lbs.


Problem with alternates is that there are not a lot of good ones. Leg press machines in my opinion stress the low back too much.


Could do lunges and step ups but I can never get too heavy in weight because it gets dangerous.

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Is your form spot on? try lowering the weight and really focusing on form- Thats what my focus has been since I've been rehabing from surgery- it can be very interesting to see where I thought I was doing something right and I'm not quite there.


Also, have you tried foam rolling or anything similar (like a rolling pin)?

I get pain in my knee (IT band) that is caused from my hip issues (impingment and surgery for torn labrum), it could be caused by a bunch of things.


Just a thought, I saw a guy doing these the other day, may be a good alternative to the leg press:

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I have been experiencing pain behind the knee caps at times while squatting....and then sometimes for hours after.


I would love to have someone critue my form. I believe it is good from all I know, from experience and have read but having someone else look at your form can be an eye opener.

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Either find someone to coach you (who knows what they're talking about), or post a video of you squatting. Such a complex exercise requires you to be flexible and strong in the right areas, and an injury in any one area could be the result of 100 different scenarios.


But there are obviously some general stuff you could do that could help;

In my opinion if you have a single weak link or inflexible body part/muscle, somewhere else has to take the stress. Since squatting works so many muscles, you need to review your warmup and stretching routine to make sure it's complete, and foam roll to avoid tightness.


I've only been squatting for 2 years, but consistently and I can honestly say every injury I've had (there's been a lot) has been down to bad flexibility or neglecting stretching (whether I knew it or not). Foam rolling has helped a tonne as well.

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I do need to stretch more! Good point! Especially at night to keep flexible. I foam roll my back but that is it....are you rolling other areas?
During warmup I foam roll my ITB/groin quickly, but after workout before stretching I roll out - Quad/ITB/Groin (then do some upper body - lats/pecs/upper back/thoracic extensions), then with a lacrosse ball I do my calves, piriformis/glute, and rotator cuff.



As far as lower body stretches go, I do 2 for calves, 2 for groin, 1 for hamstrings, 1 for quads, 1 for hip flexors, 1 for ITB, 1 for glutes, and 1 for lower back (post workout I mean). I'm not a naturally flexible person (also I squat heavy 2x a week, and light another day) and I really need to (and do) stay on top of it.


I have noticed a huge difference from how I feel when squatting (and the rest of the time) from effective warmup, stretching, foam rolling and mobility work. Time will spent.

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