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Hello vegans from gainesville fl


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Hi, my name is John and I find my self repeatedly coming back to veganbodybuilding.com and reading the forums, so i decided I would introduce myself and hopefully start posting progress photos and giving out what suggestions I can.


Background: I have been vegan for about 4 years now, and i was a vegitarian for 4 years before that. I am 18 and just graduated from highschool. Throughout my life I played sports, starting with soccer, then cross country, wrestling, and then the summer after my freshman year in highschool i starting riding my bike to a gym 2 miles from my house called anytime fitness. I trained the whole summer, usually 2 hrs at a time twice a day, 6 days a week. Needless to say I didn't exactly know what i was doing. My sophmore year in highschool I tried out for the weightlifting team. I didn't make it, but I was able to workout with them anyways and my strength went up a lot. For my first 2 years or so all I concentrated on was my strength, trying to get my 1rm's as high as possible. For probably the past year or so I have been more concerned with bodybuilding per se, and increasing my overall health.


Once I began lifting I changed what I ate, and have continued to do so over the years. Im 5'11", and at one point was up to 200 pounds. So I lowered my carb intake and upped my protein to get down to 171 pounds, which is how much I weigh now. Along the way I have cut out almost all refined carbs, any liquid other than reduced fat soymilk and water. I no longer consume any products that contain artificial sweetners such as Ace K. I have also lowered my sodium from around 10,000 miligrams a day to around 2,500 to 3,500 miligrams a day. I know try to eat mostly low proccesed or no proccesed foods when I can, such as raw nuts, fruits, steel cut oats, granolas. I also supplement with Sun Warrior Protein powder, soy protein powder, and a pea protein powder. Typically I get about 300 grams of protein, 400 carbs, 100 grams of fiber and 80-100 grams of fat.


Currently I am trying to gain as much lean mass as possible, but feel like Im kinda stuck at a plateau as far as strength, and possibly size is concerned. My lifts are 245, 385, 315 for bench, squat and deadlift respectively. So Im trying to stick to core lifts and a high training frequency, sometimes doing 2 a days, but still taking a few days off each week to rest. Well hopefully I havnt bored anyone to death, ill try and post some pics below, warning: they are from a cell phone lol.




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Hey John! You've got a great shape. Check out Derek Tresize's log here (and his blog, veganmuscleandfitness.com). He's got the most lean mass I've ever seen on a vegan. Maybe looking at how he eats and trains could help with your plateau.

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Hello & Welcome john! :) That last photo kinda looks like you are doublepunching yourself in the tender bits... ;p

Lol thanks, I dont have posing trunks, and I wanted to flex my upper body while doing a lower body shot, never realized that but its pretty funny.


And thanks Vegimator too. Thanks for welcoming me to the site, hopefully I can start contributing some too!

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