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Staying fit with pregnancy number 4 ~ Kat's fitness journal

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Today was a rough day emotionally. My hubsand and I just got into it and it hasnt ended yet. Im soooo over it. I was cranky because I didnt work out in the morning, because it was a beautiful sunny day and we didnt get to run and try out the new jogger, my husband missed his doctors appointment and the kids just went crazy.

BUT I made the best of of it and the minute he was out the door for work I did about an hour of strength training/yoga type stuff and then 7 miles on the bike. I feel good.


daily detox tea, water


M1- fruit salad, almonds, water

M2- brown rice, pintos, salsa, water

M3- veggie burger, water

M4- green smoothie

easy now tea

M5- not sure yet.....


So no matter what I am running tomorrow!!!!

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Haha I was right about NO MATTER what I am running. Life threw every single thing it could at me! I woke up and thought it would be a great day, got out of bed, came downstairs was watching the news, having my tea, waking up, ready to get out the door with all 3 kids and hubby by 8am for our 5 mile run. YEAH RIGHT. 17 crazy situations later its 4:45 pm. We are out on the levee FINALLY running. My wonder amazing husband took a vacation day so we could do it.

We ran 5.18 miles in a hour which I am happy with. It was one of my first runs with a jogger. Now that we have 3 children its crazy! Mike pushes the double and I pushed the single. I have taken the double out a few times alone a few years ago but it was only for 2-3 miles. I was pushing my 4 year old daughter and I was so happy my hubby made it through the whole 5 miles


Afterwards we came home and I pushed through my ST workout. I did it. I didnt want too but I am so happy I did.

My food wasnt great, like a 6 out of 10. I am getting better forcing myself to eat through stressful times but yesterday was very hard. By 2pm my body was so beat from the anxiety attack I had all day and I hadnt drank my normal amount of water or eaten..... after that Mike made me a meal and I was ok from then on. He really saved my butt yesterday.

I have had to cut ties with 3 close but very negative friends in the last few weeks and it all came to a head yesterday. Now I feel like I am moving back UP.

Ok off to do todays workout.

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So I did todays workout I did an hour of full body yoga/pilates type stuff. Tomorow I have a speed workout at the track.

Food has been right on today.


M1: fruit salad, water

M2: 2 cups green beans, 1 oz almonds, veggie burger, water

M3: choco protein shake (postworkout)

M4: 1 whole cucumber 3 TBSP hummus (im so addicted), water, vitamins

M5: cannellini bean au gratin, brown rice, salad, water

M6: ??

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Today I got up and practiced 15 minutes of yoga while my tea steeped. I did an hour of boxing, including jumping rope, LOTS of shadow boxing, some stuff with the medicine ball, and a cool down. It was fun. I havent boxed in a few weeks and I realized how much I missed it!! Now I have to wait for it to cool down to do my 4 mile run. Probably will go after 4 some time.

So far today I had a tea, water, 1 TBSP PB and a banana..... I need to eat more, I am still not feeling 100%

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So I was MIA for a little bit but not because I was slacking, I was actually have found my niche and have been really working my ass off!!

I have discovered spartan racing, warrior dashes and tough mudder. I am like a kid in a candy store. I did my first WOD last week and I am hooked. Everyday I get new WODs in my email and I DO THEM. Even this weekend while out camping.

I have lost about 8-10lbs since last I checked in and nearly all of my clothing fits again. In two weeks my baby will be 6 months old!!! I feel myself getting stronger everyday now. I am doing this right along side marathon training and I have never felt better.

I went to the doctor to make sure I was able to do all this and my bloodwork and EKG came back perfect. So I will update some of my reccent workouts. I am amazed at what I can do.

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my first spartan workout and the beginning of the obsession.

w/u- 10 minutes jump rope

2 rounds-

run 1 miles

200m bear crawl

straight into a 200m sprint

800m jog c/d

THEN I had to alter the last round because my wrists were killing me (bear crawling is hard) so I did

1 mile run

25 flights (36 steps a piece) of stairs

200m sprint

800m cool down.

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Sept 1st- mini spartan run

So I am a little beat up from yesterday so todays workout was shorter.

2 mile run (mainly trail but some road... LOTS of downed trees to hop over) then 90 crunches and back up to do .67 miles with a 40lb sandbag (I have to add weight!!!) then down for 2 min plank, 50 jumping jacks, 1 min side planks ea side x2, 60 push ups and a cool down. yoga tonight

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Sept 6th- Spartan WOD


DAMN I sweat my butt off. Did this early this morning at the yurt.

60 jumping jacks with 20 sec rests for 10 min

3x for one min each-

Squats (I did it with 2 gal jugs of water)

burpee/curl/press (OMG)

squat jump

mountain climbers

rows with the water jugs


pushups to failure

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Thanks!!! I have no intentions of stopping. SO HUGE change of plans, I will be running a spartan race this Saturday!!! My awesome dad registered me



w/u- 800m

jog/sprint 6 laps on the track, jog turns, sprint straight sides

After each lap-

25 crunches

25 push ups

25 squats

1 min plank

c/d 100 jumping jacks, 3 min jump rope and 800m jog

10 min stretch


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So I didnt quit. My whole life changed. Seriously. On September 7th, my last post, the river we lived a block from started rising. Less than 24 hours later my home was destroyed by a flood they said would never reach us. My whole town is gone. My family lived in yurts at the state parks for 3 weeks and now this is our 2nd week in a hotel. We have found a new home, in a new town and we are moving on the 18th.

I DID do my spartan race. I strategically reserved a yurt in Tuscarora state park near blue ridge ski resort and I did it. I LOVE spartan racing. It saved me and made me braver than I ever thought I could be. Now I am signed up for the beast next september and I am registering for the tri state and PA sprint tomorrow.

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So I did not fall of the face of the earth....

We were flooded off it instead! I will make a long story as short as possible and then I will finally get how AWESOME the race was.

Wednesday September 7th it was as usual for northeast PA raining and awful but my dad signed me up for the spartan sprint on September10th (ha instead of waiting almost a year). That night the street next to ours was given a suggested evacuation, it happens a lot because the river is on the other side of the street. My husband ran down to the officer and asked if we would need to leave too and they said "No way, water has never reach your house". We are 10ft above flood level so everyone figured the worst case scenario would be a few inches in the basement. Thursday morning we woke up to the water 20ft from our house and we were told that it would not only reach the basement but the first floor and had to evacuate. My husband and I threw what we could on our second floor and grabbed what we could and drove away as they cut off our power. The national guard was ushering people out and it was a mess.










I couldn't think about the house. I just kept telling myself it would just get the basement, they were just being cautious. The river was supposed to crest at the highest it had since hurricane Agnus in 1972, but even then our house had only got a very soggy yard. As we drove out of the disaster, out of the rain towards Tuscarora state park all I could think about was the Spartan sprint.

The Spartan race saved me. It literally saved my sanity. We found out the water had wiped away our first floor and the majority of our personal possessions. I focused 100% on the race I thought I was slightly unprepared for. We stayed in Tuscarora state park, about a half an hour from Blue ridge ski resort. The park was beautiful, I love the yurts and I forgot my worries for a night.





Saturday I woke up and felt sick. I have run many road races and a few trail but never anything with flames and mud. I got dressed, drank 64oz of water and ate 2 packs of almonds and a banana and we got in the car. I was nervous the whole ride and seeing the people and the parking lot and the smoke as we pulled up made me wonder what the hell I had got myself into.















I got my chip and all that and paced nervously as I waited for my 12:30 heat to start. Thankfully some of the wonderful women I met on FB in the Spartan chicked group were there and found me and helped calm my nerves, ha until I walked past a few sprained ankles and people being stitched.

Finally the 12:30 heat got ready to go and I stood in the crowd at the starting line like I had so many times before...... around me everyone was so supportive, people joked about only doing it for the free beer at the end and this put me at ease. Suddenly smoke canisters and the 12:30 heat were off. Running through smoke instantly made my "do it or else" mentality kick in and that was that, I had started I WOULD finish.

Here is the race to the best of my recollection, its hard because I am writing this 3 weeks later and the adrenaline was amazing, wanna talk about "runner's high"????

Started with the smoke, up a steep incline (we were running UP a ski slope) and to a small tail into the woods on the right. Everything was VERY slippery as there had been all the other people before us. We got to the first few walls, thank you to all the gracious spartan men who popped me over with a leg up, it was several walls in a row and the kind you go through. Those were very easy for me because I am smaller. Ok so I had done some walls, those had been a huge fear of mine. After that we just continued up an extremely steep incline through the woods, narrow trails, down MUDDY hills on my butt.... the next obstacles are most likely in the wrong order because my memory is a little fuzzy. We did a cargo net, I remember running out of the woods and seeing the dumb thing and having a mini heart attack. Heights.... HUGE fear. Looking back this is so stupid to me, here my home is gone and I am freaking out over a cargo net. Well I didn't stop I just put one foot in front of another and did it. With every obstacle I did I felt more sure of myself. There was a a water slide and a lake to cross (anyone 5'5" and under was swimming.... me), there was a horizontal wall to get across, log stumps to hop across, a cinder block to drag down a hill, through some water and up a hill, mud by the dump truck load, a cinder block type thing on a rope that you had to pull up on a pulley and let down slowly, fill a bucket with rocks, walk down the hill around and back up,and my number one favorite mud and barbed wire with a wall breaking it up. I have never felt more alive than crawling what I am guessing to be about 100 yards (I asked around how long it was and that's what I got) under barbed wire in mud in my face. Bye Bye bib number. The last bit was the spear throw (something I will HAVE to work on), I did burpees because my spear wasn't even close to hitting the straw, the hop over the fire (LOVED that) and the final wall, up and over easy peasy, I was surprised to later find out that this was an obstacle many people where getting hurt on. (yes that is my butt coming over the top)







I crossed the finish line in 2 hours and 21 minutes after running 4.8 miles up a ski slope and tackling all those obstacles. I got a sweet medal, a t-shirt and my beer. I am now changed forever. Every time I think I cant handle something I think of the cargo net or the walls. This couldn't have come at a better time because I have handled this flood in a far better manner than I would have if I had not done the race when I did.

Now I look forward to finding a new home and my next race.

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So now I spend my days doing the spartan WODs and squishing in marathon training. Even though we are stuck in limbo, I never quit. My marathon is in 10 days. I am nervous but excited. Bring on the fire and barbed wire, just running is scary now!

This past weekend I ran a 5k last minute, despite having the flu and being used to a marathon pace I managed it in 28 minutes. This weekend I have a 5k trail run, Im taking it very easy.

My husband and some of our friends are also doing the 100 push up challenge. I am loving it. It is prep for beast training.

Im not the wuss I was on september 7th. I am a totally different person.

My kids think we have been on vacation for a month. We loved the first home we looked at. It comes complete with an organic garden. Its a perfect fit, in some ways the flood was the best thing that ever happened to us. As long as my family is safe thats all that matters. Please check out my blog about the flood and my training so far. Now that I have regular internet again I can update daily.

I am also on the daily mile, Katheryne Hassett

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