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Review: Powertec Power Rack PR11 and Utility Bench UB11

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Review: Powertec Power Rack PR11 and Utility Bench UB11



The Power Rack and Bench, with Olympic Bar and Weights are the foundation of a dynamic home gym. Compound exercises like the Squat and Bench Press are the foundation of bodybuilding. The power rack allows you to perform these exercises safely and is the tool of choice for maximum gains. For most, investing in a rack and bench is a substantial purchase, so it pays to do your research.


I researched all the home-grade and commercial-grade power racks and benches on the market. Although there are many to choose from, for my current needs, available space, and budget, Powertec is what I chose. Purchasing equipment without trying it in real life can be challenging.


For the differences between a Power Rack, Squat Stands, and Squat Rack, see the Power Rack Definition. For a comparison chart of power racks and benches, see the Power Rack Comparison and Bench Comparison.


All measurements below came from my tape measure. Measurements on the Powertec website may differ. I've attempted to provide a complete review including specifications not on the Powertec website. I hope this information is of value to your research. If I can help answer any questions, feel free to ask.


In addition to the right equipment, training with proper form is essential. See the works of professional trainer Stuart McRobert of HardGainer.com for proper form, intensity cycling with fractional plates, and how to structure your individual drug-free training program.



Power Rack Features & Benefits


Squat and Bench Press Safely


Full Range of Motion with Free-Weights


Workout at Home with No Gym Lines


Solid Stability


Gravity Lock Spotter Bars and J-Hooks


Overhead Press


Pull-Up and Dips


Partial Dead Lift


Standing Calf Raise


Abdominal Exercises




Lat Tower Option for Pull-Downs, Seated Rows, etc.



Bench Features & Benefits


Flat, Incline, Decline Positions


6 Incline Positions


2 Decline Positions


Pull-Pin Adjustment


Wheels for Easy Moving


Dumbbell and Abdominal Exercises


5 Different Optional Accessory Attachments



Model Numbers Reviewed


Powertec Work Bench Power Rack: WB-PR11


Powertec Work Bench Utility Bench: WB-UB11



Powertec Official Website





Retail Price


Rack: $549.00 Includes Pull-Up Bar and Dip Bars


Bench: $299.00 Includes Hand Grip Bar


Shipping: Free In The Continental US



Color Options


Rack: Black or Construction Yellow


Bench: Black Only


Spotter Bars and J-Hooks: Chrome Only



Promotional Picture


Promotional Picture



Demonstration Videos






Lifetime on frames (excluding paint finish)


2 years on component parts (bearings, spring pins)


1 year on pads, grips, and unspecified parts



Rack Optional Attachment


Lat Tower



Bench Optional Attachments


Curl Machine, Leg Press, Pec Fly, Leg Lift, Dip Machine



Retail Suppliers


Besides direct from Powertec, there are a number of retail suppliers. I chose IronCompany.com My sales rep Jayson Operio was very helpful.



Maximum Weight Capacity


Racking section: 1000 pounds


Pull-Up and Dip Bars: 400 pounds bodyweight


Bench Bodyweight/Resistance Combination: 600 pounds





Rack: Mig welded 2 and 1/2 inch tubular 12 gauge (2.5mm) steel with baked powder coat glossy paint finish. 1/2 inch steel bolts, nuts, and washers. Hard rubber on Spotter Bars. Hard rubber pull-up grips. Plastic end caps.


Bench: Mig welded 2 inch by 3 inch tubular 12 gauge (2.5mm) steel with baked powder coat glossy paint finish. 1/2 inch steel bolts, nuts, and washers. 2 and 1/2 inch thick high-density foam seat and back pads. Faux leather upholstery. Yellow stitching. Embossed logo. Plastic end caps.





Rack: Length 50 and 1/2 inches, Width 49 inches, Height 83 inches


Bench Back and Seat: Length 49 inches, Width Wide 12 and 1/2 inches, Width Narrow 10 inches


Bench Frame Base: Length 38 inches, Width 26 and 3/4 inches


Bench Height Flat Position: 18 inches



Rack Internal Footprint Between Vertical Columns Dimensions


Length 25 and 1/2 inches


Width 45 inches



Spotter Bar Hole Dimensions


Total 22 numbered holes. Each hole is 1 and 1/8 inch in diameter. Each hole is spaced 2 and 1/2 inches from hole center to hole center. Hole 1 is 16 inches high. Hole 22 is 68 and 1/2 inches high.



Dip Bar Dimensions


14 and 1/2 inches long. 5 and 3/4 inch circumference The bars can be positioned inside or outside the rack. They point inward at a 70 degree angle. Knurled handles. The width of the bars varies between 20 and 27 inches. The bars are very stable.



Pull-Up Bar Dimensions

Grip Width: 20 inches, Grip Width Wide: 32 inches, Bar Circumference: 4 inches. The bars are very stable.





Since the equipment is too heavy for UPS or FedEx, an independent transportation company is used. The driver arrived with a flatbed truck and forklift. The boxes covered with plastic on a pallet was forklifted onto the driveway. The driver helped me lift the boxes from the driveway to the patio. I un-boxed the equipment on the patio and carried the pieces into the house.





The boxes came securely wrapped with plastic ties. The parts were individually wrapped in plastic to prevent scratches.



Shipping Weight

Rack: 209.4 pounds


Bench: 81.9 pounds





Rack requires two people for safe assembly.


Rack assembly time about 2 hours. Bench assembly time about 1 hour.


Manual: Part List and Exploded Diagram


Assembly difficulty: Rack easy. Bench moderate due to diagram.


Tighten all bolts before using equipment.



Assembly Tools


Rack: 1- 8 inch adjustable wrench. 1 ratchet wrench with 7/8 inch socket.


Bench: 2 - 8 inch adjustable wrench. 1 allen wrench included with bench.



Build Quality and Finish


All welds excellent. The rack stability is solid due to bolted support plates that reinforce the joints. Paint finish excellent. Bench has moderate wobble.



Improvement Suggestions


Re-design bench like the Legend Fitness 4-Way bench. Eliminate bench wobble. Add rubber to the J-Hooks like the Spotter Bars have. Monkey Bar option. Closer Spotter Bar Holes. Rack Plate Holder option. Better assembly instructions. Manufacture in USA instead of China.





Although I stand 5 feet 10 inches, I found the flat position of the bench too high for my feet to touch the floor flat. The bench in the flat position is 18 inches high. Originally I planned to purchase the Legend Fitness 4-Way Bench, but changed my decision due to wanting a Leg Lift attachment and uncertain if the bench would fit the rack with the Lat Tower installed. Some report that the Lat Tower does not give full range of motion for those who stand over 5 feet 10 inches.





Powertec is a progressive leader in the fitness industry. They produce high quality products. There is still room for improvement as indicated in the suggestions above. Some enthusiasts advise starting with a high-end rack and bench from manufacturers like Legend Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Hoist, Rogue Fitness, Texas Strength Systems, Sorinex, EliteFTS over Powertec. I agree with this view, however, for my current needs, available space, and budget, Powertec gets the job done. I see myself using this equipment for a long time.


Photo Notes: Some of the the photos below have imperfections due to pixelation



Rack Boxes



Bench Box



Manual & Assembly Tools



Rack Squat Position



Rack Bench Press Position







Spotter Bars








Bench Flat Position



Bench Incline Position



Bench Decline Position



Bench Grip



Pull-Up Bars



Dip Bars






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Can you actually do an overhead press in that rack without hitting the top side bars? All the ones I've looked at are too short.


That should read Seated Overhead Press.


If you stand 5 feet 9 inches or under, then a Standing Overhead Press should work.

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