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Is anyone planning on watching any specific events in the Winter Olympics? I totally forgot they were happening this year I just heard yesterday there was an opening ceremony. I guess that shows how much I stay away from mainstream media. Not that its a good thing, I just totally didn't know about the Olympics going on until yesterday listening to the radio at work.


Any favorite sports, events or athletes you are looking forward to watching?



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Maybe they did a poor job marketing or something. I am really into sports, and usually follow this kind of stuff. I totally missed it this year.


I like Hockey, a variety of the skiiing events, and a few others. So I'll try to catch some of the events. Speed skating is cool too.

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I saw some downhill skiiing tonight and you're right, the landscape was beautiful!


I'll try to catch more events, I've only see a few minutes worth of Olympics so far.


When I was in Norway I visited the site of the Ski Jump from the games 8 years ago I guess it was. I climbed the tower where they take off from. It was pretty awesome.


Actually.....I think I have that photo online....this is it during summertime:





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Figure skating. So fun to watch grace & athletics combined. The Russian couple was outstanding! Also, I enjoy noticing the changes in costumes. This year, some of the women are wearing jumpsuit type costumes.


Also, skaters have the best damned looking legs!!





Totmiyanina and Marinin were flawless in Saturday's short program.

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