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Cracks in the corner of the mouth

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ARG theyre driving me insane. I've read that it could be a b-12 deficiency, but I eat plenty of it. Fortified soymilks/veg burgers [i know theyre bad, loaded with sodium etc], multi vitamin, and take red star nutritional suppliment.


Any other reason or cause for this?

it's pretty aggravating and painful.

its pretty much like a papercut on the corner of your mouth.


Thanks for any input!

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Hi BlueDuck!


I had this same problem when I went veg ... ouch!!!! Luckily I work in healthcare and had a bunch of docs around to help me out ...


The main causes are as follows ... (in no particular order)


Bacterial infection

Fungal infection

Vitamin B12 deficient

Too much vitamin A


I then took this info and reviewed my diet and found the following! This is just my experience and how I resolved it ...


1) I was using a lot of Goji Berry powder in the protein shakes - which I didn't realize has 280% the recommended daily allowance per serving - so I was likely overdoing it! which was one potential cause ... since I was having 2-3 servings a day and also had other sources of Vitamin A in my diet - which is a cause of this condition ...


2) I was ALSO not supplementing Vitamin B12 ... so I started and had my doc run labs on this ... I was within normal limits a few months later ...


3) I started applying Carmex (lip balm) each night at bedtime


... and I have been fine ever since!!!


Good luck!

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"Symptoms of vitamin B2 deficiency are sores outside of the lips and in the corners of the mouth, swollen tongue and mouth cavity, and dermatitis (2). Vitamin B2 is found in a wide variety of plant foods in small amounts, including avocados, mushrooms, almonds, leafy green vegetables, and soybeans (3).


Symptoms of B6 deficiency include sleepiness, fatigue, sores in the sides of the mouth, and a swollen tongue (2). Bananas, navy beans, and walnuts are all good sources of vitamin B6 (2)."




Don't know if that's any help...?

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