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Here a spanish guy!


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Hi there!

I'm spanish but living in China since october 2009. I've been vegan for around 5 years and a half, very healthy since then but too thin. Not so long ago I met a guy who did bodybuilding for a long time (not vegan) and he will help me start. Of course I will rely on this forum for nutrition but it always helps to have somebody at your side watching what your are doing wrong.

I decided to start bodybuilding because I had enough from people saying I was too skinny due to veganism. I've always been like that, even when eating meat, so I need to make a big change and demonstrate vegan diet is the best!


I've been reading a lot about nutrition in the forum and my big concern is if I'm going to find everything I need here in China.

If by chance there is somebody who lived or is living in China... get in touch!


So I hope I can learn a lot from this forum and make a big progress and reach my goal.

See you!


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