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After some good progress in the 2nd half of 2010 I sustained a shoulder injury near the end of the year, and had a few other things going on and pretty much completely stopped working out. Over the last couple of weeks I have picked it back up, and here are some pics to get this started!


Nov 2010:

http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/2010_11.jpg http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/2010_11_2.jpg http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/2010_11_1.jpg


About a week ago - just starting the workouts again (Mid June 2011):

http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/2011_06_1.jpg http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/2011_06_2.jpg http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/2011_06_3.jpg

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Recently I got Ross Enamait's 'Never Gymless' and have been working out bodyweigth training plans, as I cannot afford gym memberships or expensive grear, and do not have space or money for many weights.


I have also started occasionally taking a protein powder in smoothies after workouts and have been trying to up my intake of food - still mostly wholefoods.


I am feeling good about this as I was stuck not knowing what to do outside of pullups, pressups, cycling and sprints.


My biggest challenge at the moment is getting the Pistol Squat unassisted (I use a post or door for support at the moment), but I'm determined to get there.


Latest shots taken today:


http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/20111113_1_sml.jpg http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/20111113_2_sml.jpg http://ras.nfshost.com/valec/img/fitness/20111113_3.sml.jpg

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