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Post Surgery Routine

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I am having minor surgery due to an " injury ( hernia ) " from working as a Wildland Firefighter. I am just beginning to return to shape ( See introduction ). I will be unable to lift over 20 lbs. for 4 weeks. I am able to walk ( & run when I feel fit to ) during the 4 weeks.


My concern is gaining weight I have lost & losing muscle & definition that I have gained. I will be jumping right back in after 4 weeks.


Any suggestions ? They would greatly appreciated.


Static holds ???




Travis Tribe

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Personally, I'd take as much of the 4 weeks as possible to take things easy - the last thing you want to go through is a 2nd surgery to correct an issue from training too heavy too soon!


Trust me, you won't lose much by taking things easy for only a month so long as you keep your protein up, stay somewhat active (take some moderate walks, maybe do some light 8-10 lb. DB work for high reps 2-3x weekly for the sake of feeling like you're putting in work to maintain), but I wouldn't do anything such as static holds as they will definitely put strain on your core, the last place you'll want it after hernia surgery.


I'd suggest taking 1-2 weeks really light and just doing some walking, then maybe halfway through the recovery, do some really light general work like bodyweight squats (if permitted and they don't aggravate the injured area), bodyweight good mornings, light DB curls and triceps extensions, lateral raises, etc. just to keep yourself feeling sharp on training without putting yourself at risk.


Just keep the protein high, don't over-exert yourself, and it you'll find that the comeback after a month won't be that bad.

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Thank you. I will be taking it very easy as I certainly do not want to have complications or life long soreness or the like. My concern was not doing anything. I will able to walk & moderately jog. You answered the question I had forgot ask about protein. Thanks for that. Light weight/ high reps sounds perfect. I am going to use the 4 weeks to formulate my fitness/nutrition goals. I am just ' winging it ' to say the least at the moment, but have made muscle gains & weight loss.


Thanks again.

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VE is right. Don't do ANYTHING that strains your core muscles. The "no lifting over 20 lbs for 4 weeks" advice is also generally meant for people who might carry grocery bags, or a laundry basket. It does NOT mean that you're ready to start heavy weight training after a month. When you start back up, you'll have to start up very gently and still avoid exercises that really strain your core (like deadlifts or squats). You've had a hole in your abdominal wall sutured shut, and if you open it by straining your abdominal muscles before it's fully healed, it will pop right back open.


Did they put in a mesh when they repaired it?

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