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UK. Legally released vivisection victims need homes.

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I was asked to pass this on. Please ask anyone you know in the UK who can help or who can also pass the message on.



by Luke Steele (NAVA)


As people may be aware, a number of UK animal research facilities are currently downscaling activities, or in some cases closing down altogether.


We already have an arrangement with a laboratory to re-home rats and mice, giving them a new chance at life where possible, instead of being killed at the end of experiments.


Now we are in the planning stages of performing a legal rescue of animals from a number of testing facilities. The animals will be what the industry term ‘control’ animals, those that are healthy and used to compare against those that have been experimented on.


We cannot, at this stage, confirm species but we are looking for people to assist with the re-homing of multiple species – rabbits, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea-pigs, cats and dogs.


There is also the possibility of ‘specialist’ animals which cannot be re homed as companion animals due to specialist knowledge, transport and housing needed – for example primates.


If anybody can help with any part of the rescue – from offering a home, transporting animals or providing contacts – please send me an email – [email protected]


It goes without saying, the more homes we can find the more animals rescued from laboratories we can offer a new lease at life.





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