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Moving to Philadelphia

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I'm moving to Philadelphia very soon and I am looking for a good weight training gym. I will be living in Germantown, I love the 12th street gym in center city but it's not practical for me, I need some place close to Germantown or Mt Airy. I've also checked out Fitlife which is not bad but not the perfect choice, although it might wind up being the most practical.


Thanks in advance

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Hey Robert. I think Philly is great. Well, at least the potential of Philly is great, I haven't actually seen much of it. I've been in school since July and I'm about to take my finals. Then I get a nice break and hope to see parts of the city. The gym that I work out at is awesome, I lived in Baltimore for a couple of years and there were no decent gyms in the city, all of the good ones were out in the burbs.


I hope you make it out here someday, I think you will like it, just wait for it to get a little warmer

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Blackbird Pizzeria (6th street just off South) - 100% vegan, awesome pizza and cheesestreaks

Govinda's (Broad and South) - all vegetarian, everything can be made vegan (all desserts are vegan) grill style, a Philly veg staple

Cantina Dos Segundos (2nd street, Northern Liberties) - not a veg restaurant but lots of vegan options, killer burritos, all cakes are vegan

Cantina Los Caballitos (16th & passyunk) - same as dos segundos, just a South Philly location

El Camino Real (down the street from Dos Segundos) - similar to the cantina, amazing veggie wings

New Harmony (9th between Cherry & Race) - 100% vegan Chinese, everything is awesome, super friendly

Kingdom of Vegetarians (11th between Cherry & Race) - 100% vegetarian (can be made vegan) Chinese

Sketch (Girard Ave between Columbia & Palmer) - hip burger/sandwich place with good vegan options, amazing vegan ice cream

Grindcore House (4th and Greenwich) - all vegan coffee shop, now with full food and dessert menu


That should keep you occupied for awhile. There are also some good options just across the bridge in Jersey if you ever make that trip.

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Ah good thanks for making me look at their menu. I remember reading about it when it opened, but I thought it was going to be a new, different restaurant from the same people. Didn't realize it was replacing Horizons. Menu looks similar, prices don't look too crazy either.

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I have a friend who works for them. According to my friend the owners are assholes. They pay very little, they have been reducing the pay the staff gets and forcing the staff to long ( and double ) shifts. They have also ridiculed some of their staff for their religion. They have also tried to the fact that they serve vegan food when famous chefs/critics who hate veg*ns have come to the restaurant.

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Thanks everyone, especially MoshxDeLaney. I went to Blackbird Pizzeria tonight and the food was great. The folks at Blackbird also told me about Royal Tavern, Khyber pass pub and the Memphis Taproom. I don't think these places are all vegan but are vegan friendly. Thank you all so much and I will definitely check them all out.

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