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Do flax oil/flaxssed causes prostate cancer?

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I saw lot of time on the internet that flax seed oil casues prostate cancer. Someone say oil and the seed causes it, some say only the oil, the seeds actually help prevent it. They say that increases the risk because of ALA. Somewhere it says it helps prevents it. Whats the truth?

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I've probably seen a negative story like this about every food I eat. The truth is the stress from worrying that much about is prob worse than any of the possible effects.


My advice is pretty simple. Don't overeat any one food, just keep it balanced.


Personally at the moment I have a few tablespoons of ground flax a day and maybe the same in oil (though the oil is mixed with other oils).

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Judging from my search on pubmed, there hasn't been that much research on the subject, and from the studies that have been conducted, flax oil seems to prevent, not cause prostate cancer.



"Findings suggest that flaxseed is safe and associated with biological alterations that may be protective for prostate cancer."



"A diet supplemented with 5% flaxseed inhibits the growth and development of prostate cancer"



Similar study



According to this study, lard enlarges your prostate and flax oil shrinks it.



This study postulates that the high lignan content of soy causes a reduction in prostate cancer. Flaxseed is even higher in lignans than soy.



Flax is recommended as part of the "anti-cancer diet".



Soy and flax, with their high phytoestrogen contents were shown to help people with prostate cancer.

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