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Where have you lived?


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Since we're from so many different places and have lived in many more places, I'd love to see a list of places people from this community have lived.


As someone who is obsessed with travel, I'm always eager to hear about new places.


So, where have you lived?


For me:


Corvallis, OR

Portland, OR

Salt Lake City, UT

Phoenix, AZ

Watford, England

Los Angeles, CA

Orlando, FL


3 cruise ships for total of 15 months in:


Eastern, Southern and Western Caribbean

Western Mexico

Western Europe and UK


Also spent fairly significant time in:


Burke, VA (DC)

Austin, TX

Nashville, TN



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Monroe, NY

Ithaca, NY

Guilderland, NY

Waltham, MA

West Medford, MA


Boston is amazingly vegan-friendly, and as I wasn't vegan before I moved to the area after going vegan I am amazed at how spoiled we are here compared to other places. Ithaca's decent however.

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Born in Long Beach, CA- moved when I was 3

grew up in Wilmington, DE

currently live in Orlando FL going on ten years

cruise ships to Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, St. John, Belize,

visited: Portland, Oregon, Boston, MA, Denver, CO,

next place I would like to live- Boston, MA

would also love to travel overseas to Europe

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