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Low-carb and -sodium cutting challenges

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It is a huge challenge to find low-carb and -sodium vegan foods; but I've finally figured out a diet. (I do confess to occasionally eating certified humane eggs, as nutritional blood analysis showed that my cell membranes are deficient in the nutrient; and I haven't found vegan sources.)


This is my third day on the diet, in preparation for the competition on Saturday. I feel weak, lethargic, spacey - just the way a figure competitor should! The workout today was lousy. Yes, it's a bit late in the game to be cutting; but I didn't want to loose too much hard-earned muscle.


At night, I have difficulties sleeping, thinking about gluten-free, carb-rich vegan goodies that I can have to replenish glycogen stores just prior to stepping on stage - muffins, pancakes, pasta, bananas, cupcakes. Mmmmm...

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No, the nutrient was cholesterol. I'm good on the others that you listed. Deficiency in cholesterol actually compromises the integrity of cell membranes. It seems that my natural synthesis of it is too low. Perhaps in the future I can find a way to stimulate the cholesterol pathway directly. Until then, I'm okay with the certified humane eggs.

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