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Quick naming help needed


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I was planning on starting up my business next Summer, but have decided to give it a shot this Summer (just starting with bootcamps). The thing stopping me from registering my business is coming up with a name! I want something that is not just related to fitness, but has to do with general wellbeing as I'm planning on adding more services as I work on the certifications this year.


There is a quote by Hermann Biggs, "The human body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts" which I LOVE, so I was going to call it No Spare Parts Wellness. However it seems to remind most people of cars, so looks like it will be a no-go.


Any creative people on here have some suggestions for me?

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Requiem no shotacon kawaii desu is a creative name.


But you could just take a name from a song like upon a rivers sky *insert wellness or whatever*(i prefer beauty club over wellness, js)


its sounds nice, doesn't it?upon a rivers sky.upon a rivers sky.upon a rivers sky.

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