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Preachin' the gospel of vegan/vegetarian bodybuilding

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My fellow competitors are convinced that it's impossible to abstain from meat and build a beautiful physique. Yes, even figure competitors think that you can't do it. And I'm out to show them that they are wrong. The new foods that are available when compared to the late 80's and 90's (when I was a sickly, skinny vegan) are staggering. The sad thing is that despite these culinary advances, the studies that demonstrate the value of plant-based foods, and Robert Cheeke's tireless work in the field, people still think that this is not possible. I've argued with my coaches; and the worst ones are those that use the Bible to bolster their argument about how we have dominion over the Earth, as if that means that we should torment and kill innocent animals. I've learned that the term "subdue" used in Genesis does not mean to harm, rape, and pillage; instead, it is in the context of loving, caring stewardship.


Those of you who are also preachin' this gospel, please keep on keeping on! Thank you for what you do! Hopefully, with enough focus and dedication, we can build a critical mass. Our society needs to wake up from this strange brainwashing that meat is a requirement for a healthy, strong, muscular body.

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