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[email protected] or 503-758-8399



Being vegan, and worked with trainers myself, I know we face the vegan stigma(that whole how do we get our protein question is like nails on a chalkboard). So why not find vegan trainers to work out with?

I am now personal training at ME Fitness in NE Portland, on MLK and Alberta. I can do this via the gym as a member, or you can come in privately as my guest to supplement your workouts at your own gym. Or if you wish we can just get together several times a week, and we can come up with a monthly personal training cost together.


A little info about me:

Quality of life and health. Above everything else, this is why I choose to be active in my life. My health roller coaster? I have been the overweight kid that got made fun of, the athletic teenager(even anorexic at one point), the couch surfer, and now attempting to be a fit for lifer(its an ongoing process for us all). While currently a personal trainer, I am also going to school to begin a life in the medical field. I want to help you improve your quality of life and health, it takes time, effort, and support. With personal training, I would like to be that supporting role.


Personal success story:

I was very unhealthy in my young 20’s. I always did the extra bacon, extra cheese, plus a pint of ice cream for dessert......alright sometimes a quart.(obviously before I became vegan). Thankfully a light turned on, and I began eating a more whole foods plant based nutrition, got back on a cardio program, kept up my resistance training program, and incorporated mental exercises too. In just over a year I lost 80 lbs, gained a better knowledge of self, and a greater outlook on life. I still love me some dessert in moderation, and dark chocolate is the way to my heart (hint).


Feel free to meet me for one free workout to see if we mesh well.


Also if you're at 24 Hr Fitness. Hit up ED BAUER, this guy is also a great trainer. We have worked out together, and he is very approachable, and shows a lot of success with his clients.

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