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Hey from Australia!


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Hey all,


My name is Julian and I'm really digging the whole vegan idea! Not there yet but Ive eaten meat once in the past 6 weeks (and that was accidental I didn't realize the pasta had bacon :S ) but I haven't consumed any fish or fish products for almost a year.


Its been 4 weeks since the bacon incident and the only dairy I consume is whey and free range eggs (still not 100% ethical I know) but I'm still finding my footing and just focusing on short term goals to keep me on track at the moment.


After getting a copy of Roberts book, I got the confidence to shake my old ideas on what a muscle gaining diet needs and made a big change. Gaining mass is my main goal and by replacing meat with nuts, seeds, oats, flax seeds, lentils etc. has seen me gain 2 Kilos (4.4 pounds) in the past 2 and a half weeks which im happy about considering my metabolism is extremely fast.


I'm having a total ball trying new foods and taking what would be considered by most to be a more unorthodox way of building muscle!


I took this pic literally a few minutes ago, Im hoping to make some decent gains since my wrist has been given the all clear today :D

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Hey Im from Australia too,


Its great to see you are enjoying and exploring vege options.. My whole family are all vegetarians.. I am a Circus Aerialist and Dancer and have competed in a fitness model comp, my brother is a Martial Artist and Personal Trainer , and he does parkour and tricking, and one of my sisters is a Naturopath, as u can see we are in the fitness/health industries and have never eaten meat in our lives.. its all about exploring and studying how it all works and when you get the hang of it you trully see it is a valid choice..


ps. i eat whey powder too coz i cant find a pea, soy, grain protein that hasnt bloated the crap out of me yet... im still on a journey.. go to iherb.com tho i saw one that supposedly doesnt bloat you, havent bought it yet tho..


all the best

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Hi Emma where u live at? im at the gold coast.. R you thinking of competing in a comp?


Oh, I'm just up the highway...Logan


No, no comps for me . I just want to get a strong body that promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle.


I am basically wanting to lose a bit of weight/lean up, and then work on building strength and definition...Summer is coming very quickly, so i want to be happy and confident wearing summer attire

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Hey thanks both for the posts sorry for the delay been a bit crazy at uni!


Sounds like you have a great support network Tiki! I used to get stomach ulcers (thanks vodka) lol and received a prescription to get rid of them and for MONTHS they did absolutely nothing while I was in pain. I then visited a naturopath and the fixed me up within 3 days so I can appreciate their methods, your lucky to have one amongst youre gang of vegos!


Congrats with your conversion to veganism Emma, I hope the transition isnt as bumpy as mine! But as Tiki said its all part of the journey!


Oh n keep the good work up for summer! Im hoping I can fit into this cute new bikini I just got off ebay.....I mean what??? lol :P



Take care you 2!

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Welcome. I hope you do go vegan. I'd recommend reading Bob & Jenna Torres' book, Vegan Freak. It's a great resource.


If that's you in your avatar, then you have great beach muscles - way better than mine. I'm definitely envious. If you want to look really big, you'd need to make your mid and upper back bigger (lats and traps). There would certainly be nothing wrong with staying how you look now though.

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Hey thanks for the feedback! There are a heap of copies of vegan freak on ebay, I just put one in my watch list !


Ive been going harder lately with chin ups n dumb bell shrugs which seem to be rather effective but I just finished making a home made medicine ball apparently there are quite a few good exercises which incorporates the back muscles


p.s that is me in the pic but dont be envious! the last month ive had a pretty poor diet


Keep up the good work!

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Hi fellow Aussies!!

I'm in Melbourne

Great to see you honesty and openness when it comes to your goals and progress. We all started somewhere! Good luck for your journey.

Have you tried Arbonne's protein powder? I love it. Tastes like melted icecream or a thick shake. Made from chickpea protein, I haven't bloated from it!

I'm an independent consultant in Melbourne but you can check it out online at http://hpg.myarbonne.com under Products>Fit Essentials. It's all Vegan!

I'm glad there's some local bodies on here, I'm looking forward to keeping up with your progress!

HPG xo

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Only vegan for 16 months but sooooo much healthier and fitter
If only more would realize!!!


Thanks for your link HPG, The fizz tablets and protein blends sound pretty cool and thanks for your feedback, website bookmarked !


And no worries Robert I never hesitate to recommend your book!



Here is an updated pic from today, im happy with my upper and lower body gains (outgrew my jeans ) minus some excess tummy fat thanks to all my high calories but starting to implement some cardio finally and watching what I eat a lot more.


Take care all!



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