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One set to failure as advised in "Body by Science"

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By accident I stumbled across the book "Body by Science". The authors, I think both are MDs, propagate weight as the main tool to stay fit and healthy (besides nutrition of course). And they also propagate a weight training with one set to failure with 2 to 6 excersises and a one to three weeks interval!


Since I found it very fascinating I tried it out. And it works perfectly. I increased the weights and the time-to-failure (they emphasize the time not the reps) even after two weeks off with no muscle ache or anything else.


But somehow I really would like to do a little more just for the fun of it. Currently I have a two weeks interval between my weight training sessions. I was thinking to split the exercise in three parts and rotate them weekly. This way I should offer each part three weeks to recover and increase?

I think this might be a good split scheme: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=18686


How about doing non-failure weight training in between? Does anyone has any experience on this? The point in the book is that the muscles need a much longer time to recover ...



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There has been research that shows there is no difference from doing one hard work set vs multiple sets in terms of strength and size gains. For me I find I put on too much fat if I do only one work set per exercise because I don't have a lot of time to do a lot of cardio during the week so my weight workouts are it.

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