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MY name is Kelly. I have recently made the switch to vegan


Attention bodybuilders: If you feel so inclined.. Please help me get started and list your favorite protein sources.

Where and how you get your protein in..

I have been living on fruits and vegetables for the past month - It's been great but I need more protein and besides black bean, nuts, soy milk.. I'm at a loss lol

What the hell is hemph protein, pea protein? Can I get these at Vitamin World or

What about soy protein shakes..


Help me with suggestions to replace my "pure protein shakes" with ________________________?

My chicken with _______________________?

My eggs with __________________________?

My fish with ___________________________?


if you can give me answers I'll be all set!!

What about suppliments?



Thank you in advance for anyone that can spare the time to respond..

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oh, you have lots of choices:


quinoa : u can find it in any health store, cooked just like rice.has great minerals,magnesium potassium (so its great for working out) and is rich in protein


you have all the types of bean/legumes: white,red,black,soybean rich in protein and fiber !!

brown rice,buckwheat,burgul.

green peas.

broccoli is the best of all greens. eat it as much as you can.

cereals are'nt bad too: check high protein cereals for breakfast. you can find some brands with 12 g protein per serving. those are really good.

soy milk is the best between the almond/rice milks (vegan milks).

you can always cook soy "meat" and have them with beans or peas.that would be a great lunch.


you can get your protein intake which is 1.2 g/kg of body weight while eating grains,legumes,and soy. if not you can use theprotein powders, but im not expert in that area.

i can help you with nutrition as much as u want

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Hello, Kelly.


Replacing is good for your conscience but not for your body. You would not eat animal suffering but you will eat animal food which is heavy to digest, toxic and generally low on nutrients.

I wouldn't advise you to 'substitute' since the carnivorous eating habits are wrong in conception. For example, the proteins in the meat substitutes lose their globular structure and become fibrous which makes them harder to digest. This means not enough energy from them and heaviness. On the other hand, the natural, vegan sources are easier for us to digest. The energy you use to digest food is not something to neglect.


Perhaps the fruit and the vegetables didn't give you enough calories. I'd say increase the amounts, mainly the sweet fruits since they are the most complete food for us humans with loads of glycogen and vitamins. Also, everything that you eat has protein in it. Every cell is made of protein. You could increase the amount of nuts you eat if you want something more solid. Adding them to salads makes it tasty. If you want supplements, there's Vega and Sun Warrior on this website. Guess it can be ordered online?

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