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Get Fit, Get Vegan


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Hi! I am Liz. I'm married to a great guy, Andrew. I've had two children in the past two years. Sarah was stillborn in November of 2009, I had a rough pregnancy and I do place some blame on my weight. Aedan was born on April 26th of this year, healthy and happy.


I'm a vegetarian transitioning to vegan because I love animals and i can't stand the thought of eating my friends *hippy dance*.


I've struggled with fitness and my weight for a long time. I ran from the time I was 10 until I was 16. I had to stop because my flat feet and patella issues were taking a turn for the worst. Currently I am training for a half marathon in October and I'm working hard to take good care of my joints, including for the first time ever, spending $100 on a pair of shoes that will actually support my body.


Among other health issues, I was recently diagnosed with biliary colic or gallstones. Since stripping my diet of meat and trying to watch my saturated fats and cholesterol in my diet, I have been attack free for almost a month. Which is great because I'd had three attacks within a month of each other before then and I am unable to afford surgery until sometime next year.




In 2009 I reached my highest weight of 285lbs, which in my before pic I think I was like 270lbs. After my daughter was stillborn, I got down to 230lbs, but struggled greatly to battle my depression and lose weight at the same time. After my son was born, I realized that I could be as great as I want to be and this is MY time to live a healthier life for my son. I'm currently down to 207lbs, which is about 6lbs less than my after pic.


My goals are to:

-Finish the Half Marathon in October.

-Get to 170 lbs in the next year.

-Build muscle! I'm starting off light, and hopefully once October comes I'll start working on some heavy weights


Any questions?

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You look awesome!! Quite the story too. The muscle you build will help you lose even more. Clearly the veggie diet is working and greatly improving your health. Glad the 13.2 mi goal is getting closer and closer. Your rock girl. Oh yes and welcome to the forum! It's a pleasure to see you here ad hope you stick around

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