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Hey blueduck.


On the subject of vegemite, I should point that essentially vegemite is the sediment scraped off the bottom of depleted brewing kegs, in beer factories. I know that the most popular and largest beer supplier in my state (xxxx brand) sell their, er, dregs ( putrefied hops, grains etc) to be used in the production of Vegemite. I'd assume (kraft?) source it from other breweries as well.



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Dang, when i read the thread title i was thinking 'mmmm vegemite, nom nom nom'...but then i read your post starling and rethought it...ewwies....


Are you eating your spinach blueduck

I've been eating tempeh which is soooo much yummier than tofu. it has the B vitamins and is chockers full of protein. Make sure you're combining your iron rich food with something that has vitamin C in it, as it helps us absorb the iron.


Do you take any multivitamins? My multi has some iron in it as well as B12.

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so, its no good huh.

i was disappointed seeing Kraft makes it, wtf?


i just heard its a great source of iron, which i need.


Generally most food production methods are fairly, shall we say, unromantic. I wouldn't let this discourage you. The fact that its made by Kraft (parent company is phillip-morris, perhaps the largest distributor of tabacco) should be reason for concern. They're a pretty far cry from corporations like colgate-palmolive/ procter & gamble, who regularly engage animal testing (generally offshore in places where virtually no animal rights legislation exists) but it is rumored that philip-morris test additives used in cigarettes on animals, thought I have never seen anything empirical that would verify this.

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