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Mild newby, vegan of 4 years.

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Hey there, I'm kinda new to this, I've been lifting for about two years now, but doing it on and off and with no real idea of what I was doing, so lately I've been trying to hone in a program and work on building some mass.




my work out is as follows:


3 sets of 12 curls with 20 lbs

2 sets of 10 hammer curls with 20 lbs

3 sets of 10 seated shoulder presses with 35 lbs

3 sets of 10 dumbell flys with 35 lbs

3 sets of 10 single arm rows with 35 lbs

3 sets of 12 flat chest presses with 45 lbs

3 sets of 35 weighted crunches with 45 lbs


I do this every other day and on my off days do 2 sets of 60 push ups and one set of 40 push ups.


and suggestions or tips are appreciated!

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u look great and definitely have a solid base to do this. i would suggest vary ur workout and add more exercises for each muscle group. do back one day. chest. the next. arms next shoulders next. and very importanly legs the next...squats lunges presses and isolation moves on quads an hammies. incorporate ur current ab routine. do u need my suggestions for more exercises? im typing on my phone rght now but would be happy to add more later let me know!

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