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My BEFORE pics...here to motivate the crap out of me!

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Been busy working my butt off and eating super clean. Abs are looking good, but still am not happy with my legs. I want them leaner and more muscular.. They seem just large at the moment. Any tips for improving them?


I currently do:

Dead lifts

Hamstring curls

Quad lifts(? I don't know what they're called, the opposite to hamstring curls)

Hack squats


Calf raises


Do about 3 set of 8-10 reps on all the above, with a challenging weight



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You look great, not fat at all I see a clear development on the quads in your update pic. Do you have any other goal except losing those 3-5 kg? I mean do you want something like a 6-pack, veiny thighs, big guns etc?


Hey y'all!


I do have many goals... On a good day I've got a mad six pack...then I eat breakfast

I'm wanting to up all my weights, ive been doing circus workshops, so have many things id like to achieve: working on the splits both ways (nearly there), being able to do at least 10 pull/chin ups (currently at 3), be able to hold a hand stand etc.


I've thoroughly enjoyed my journey and just want to keep getting stronger, fitter, hotter (:P), more flexible and be the best I can be.


It's becoming winter here and I hate it! I feel the old so much and am hungry allllll the time. I figure I'm going to get a little more cushion for the pushin' over these colder months and then shed it come spring

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Finding this has definitely motivated me to get my before pictures organised, your progress is awesome I'm about four months in at the moment, wish I was seeing more abs progress. Ho hum. Congrats on the engagement


I know the winter feeling well. We should be heading into summer here but... it's still only 10 degrees with a biting cold wind and rain. There's been one warm day this year so far. Just one constant winter.

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I don't feel like I do much for abs, they've only gotten better since I've upped all my weights and started eating better.


But otherwise I'll do maybe this 3 times a week:


30x Bum ups (legs up and lift your butt off the floor)

3 x 30 crunches

15 oblique crunches



I find consciously engaging my core through all exercises helps immensely too



I'm about to do a 7 day raw food detox, hopefully that'll help me out a bit

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