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Gluten/Soy/fructose-free and Anti-Candida vegan diet?


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Hey guys....


I need some help figuring out how to tailor a good vegan diet with a few kinda major food exclusions:


No gluten (not even oats or buckwheat...yes, I know buckwheat is not glutenous, but it's an allergy for me)

No Soy

No fructose (trying to fend off Candida)

No Candida growth-encouraging foods


Any thoughts? I needz some major help!



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I'm not much help as I'm just about to gluten free. I'm still trying to figure out everything myself. I plan to still eat oats though. How about teff, millet, and quinoa?


As for protein powder I'm drinking brown rice protein. I'm assuming hemp and pumpkin is OK too?


My only other thought is lots of greens!


I hope someone else can help!

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