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Hello everyone (...again). My name's Edward. I've been vegan for a little over 6 years now.


So I've been a member here for almost 6 years, posted almost 4,000 posts in my first 2 years, then vanished for the next 4. I blame it on everything on the internet being connected (so many people I've known here are on my Facebook), but I'm sure there's so many new people I haven't met that I really should do a check-in and stay for a little bit. Always nice to see new vegan faces.


In terms of exercise and training, I'm sort of a Jack-Of-All-Trades. I enjoy running, biking, weight lifting, yoga, stretching, giving massages. I have a hard time sticking to one thing because I enjoy the variety of the exercise world.


I like to stay in shape, but in the past 2 years I've become a full time gardener and food grower. Reading about it, spending time with my plants, collecting yard debris for compost, etc. It's amazing how labor intensive food production actually is.


I'm currently living in Austin, Texas, after a 43 month stint of living in Houston. I enjoy it out here, except for the whole "1 in 150 year drought combined with record heat while I'm trying to grow a successful garden" thing. It's a slight change from the 54 inches of rain a year I could expect while living in Houston.

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