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Bike party ride! Nutrition questions

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Friday i have a big ride, to me at least, 30 miles [very leisure though, its a huge bike party ride, TONS of people]


i've done 15 miles, not a big problem except my crotch was sore like bad [that was the only reason why i couldnt go any longer, and i was a tad tired not EXTREMELY]. Before that ride i had a vega shake, quinoa, apple+almond butter, some nuts [which sounds like a lot eh?]


the ride is at night [8 or 9pm], so what do you all recommend i eat the day of? I heard someone say carbs the day BEFORE are great.


I bought some figs, I have some complete whole food Vega too. when should I consume both?


any input? thanks!


[cross posted to veganvelo]

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