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Toe Shoes Are They Worth It?


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I really like mine, even though I have odd shaped feet (mortons toe) and narrow feet. They say to size them to your longest toe but I have long toes and my middle two toes are longer than my big toe (and not even from foot to foot). What I had to end up doing was heating and stretching the middle toes of the VFF's.

They don't fit me perfectly but even with that running in them is amazing. You will want to start very small though, start at like half a mile and work up slowly. Not only will your calves thank you but there are other issues people have had with the achilles tendon.


As for everyday athletic activity they are great, squatting in them feels very natural...

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Yes they are!!! You're calf muscles will get unbelievably strong. I've never had a better experience training in any other footwear. I also built up the muscles in my feet so much that the original pairs I bought are now way too small for me.


The only thing you've gotta do is take your time with them when you first get them and if you're doing running or cross-training in them make sure you learn to use proper form and your full foot. The potential is there for injury if you don't take your time to transition to "barefoot" footwear.


I like the new laced versions the best or the original classic.


I also found that the Merrell Barefoot shoes and Vivo Barefoot shoes are great as well.

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