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I'm 14, living in Singapore. I'm actually not vegan, mainly cause asian parents have this thing about meat = healthy. I've read a lot and if it was up to me, I would have gone raw vegan a long time ago. But I still try my best to consume mainly vegetable protein, as raw as possible. I hope to go vegan in the near future, and at the same time, prove to my ignorant friends that eating non-meat doesn't make one protein deficient.


My beliefs are that animals should not be exploited for meat, and that vegetables should be consumed raw in their most 'natural' form (preferably organic but in present day circumstances that's always hard).


I'm still kinda scrawny(genetically ectomorphic) cause I only started dropping by the gym this month, thrice a week. I trying to gain muscle mass over the next couple of months, mainly for health reasons as I suffer ligamentous laxity, and need that muscle to support my joints and stuff, but at the same time, for the fun of it


Please give me tips and advice cause I'm just starting - encouragement helps too Since I'm new I'll try to post some stuff but I'm still a noob. =P



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