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Today I started a new job which I think will help a lot with my diet since I will pack meals.

Alrighty, for today I did:

AM: 12 min HIIT

PM: 3 sets of 12



leg ext

leg curl

calf raises


- a 30 minute bike ride and 15 min yoga



Meal 1: green protein smoothie

Meal 2: homemade protein bar

Meal 3: Salad with tofurkey and an apple

Meal 4: hummus and crackers -an apple and a pear

Meal 5: tofurkey sandwich with salad and protein drink


I'm going to sleep like a rock tonight!

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So, I am pretty upset that I let myself go like I did over the summer. I think part of it was a mixture of boredom and laziness. That leads me to today. Need to follow this  admission essay writing service and get more steps about education. Today, I start a new job. It's turning out to be very labor oriented, which is good because it keeps me busy and active. So far it is going well, but only time will tell if my diet with improve as well. There is always a chance that it could get worse. 

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