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Christopher's Training Log

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Hey all!

It's been quite a while since i have posted here, training and school were a little hectic!

My last post was about a year ago (viewtopic.php?f=46&t=22158), and in said post i was complaining about plateauing, but i am happy to report that the old plateau has been surpassed!

About this time last year i was stuck around 170-173 pounds, and now i have been consistently weighing in around 207-210 pounds! All with fairly low body fat still (I haven't got it tested in quite a while, but i'm definitely still less than 10% still)

My secret has been literally eating as much as i can in a day, and making sure it is hearty calories with not too much filler or hollow calories (minus some beer here and there haha )

That and getting a good sleep has really helped me bulk up to where i am today, not to mention training hard five times a week!


So i have started this 'blog' to put my training logs online to keep track of them, as well as get some advice and give some if i can!

Since i have bulked up, my old goals have changed a fair bit. I used to want to be about 185-190 pounds, but now i am aiming more for 220-230 if i can get there! Being 6'1" with a broad frame, i think i can make it work! As well, i have some powerlifting goals as well that have developed and morphed that i would like to continue to strive for, such as deadlift 500 (Current max is 455), Bench 300 (current max is 270), and squat 350 (Current max is a little north of 315.)


So in this first post i am going to list my last five workouts, and then from here on i'll update as each workout happens!

So here goes!



Chin ups:

wide grip till fail superset with narrow grip till fail

Four sets, reps between 6-12.



245x10, 335x5, 385x3, 425x1

Max of 455 was last week, but it was a little shaky so i have backed off and i am going to work myself back up there slowly


Barbell bent over rows:

Supinated grip, then pronated grip. Four sets of each with 45 seconds of rest between.

135x12, 155x8, 6x175, 4x195


T Bar rows

10x115, 8x125, 6x135, 4x145


Standing cable stiff arm pulldowns

4x10 @ 52.5


Standing reverse cable crosses

4x12 @7.5



Flat barbell bench:

185x12, 205x8, 225x6, 245x3.5, 185x10

Most reps i have done at 245! Stoked!


Incline barbell bench:

135x10, 145x8, 155x6, 165x4


Incline dumbbell bench w/ neutral grip

4x8 @ 60lb dumbbells


Decline barbell bench

135x10, four sets


Cable flys from below shoulder level upwards


7x10 @ 22.5lbs


Cable presses from high

4x10 @32.5lbs



Back Squats

10x185, 8x225, 5x275, 2x315, 6225, 10x135

Failed on bottom of third rep @ 315, good old squat box saved me haha


Seated calve raises

4x12 @ 90lbs


Leg press

10 reps x 540 pounds, adding 90 more pounds each set and doing max reps until i hit five reps @ 900 pounds.


Standing calf raises on the smith machine

4x10 @ 180 lbs


Leg extensions and hamstring curls

4x10 @ 70lbs for each exercise.


Then about 20 minutes of an ab circuit.



Neutral grip chin ups

4 sets till fail with 25lb belt, superset each set with bodyweight chin ups until fail



Superset 25lb belt till fail with bodyweight dips till fail

4 sets


Close grip chins

four sets @ bodyweight, superset with cable tricep pushdowns with a metal v grip, 10 reps @ 120 lbs.


EZ bar '21s' barbell bicep curls

three sets @ 50lbs, superset each set with dumbbell hammer curls @ 20lbs until fail.


Decline bench skull crushers

four sets of 8 reps with a 70lb barbell, superset with standing dumbbell french press @ 40lbs.


Cable alternating arm curls

4x10 @ 17.5lbs


Single arm tricep pushdowns with cables

4x10 @ 22.5lbs



Bent over a bench, supinated grip forearm curls with a 50lb barbell, aiming for 15 reps.

Superset with seated dumbbell twists @ 27.5lbs

Four sets of each



Smith machine seated military press

12x45lbs a side

8x55 lbs a side

6x65 lbs a side

4x75 lbs a side

And then back down the pyramid


Cable shoulder raises

Bent over rear raises

4x8 @ 12.5 lbs

Standing lateral cable raises

4x8 @ 12.5 lbs


Barbell shrugs, behind back

4x10 @185lbs


Upward barbell rows

4x8 @ 90lbs


Arnold dumbbell presses

FST-7 style

7x10reps @ 30lb dumbbells. 45 second rest and lots of water between sets.


Dumbbell shrugs

4x10 @ 80lb dumbbells.


Rear delt machine

4x10 @ 90lbs






So there are my last five workouts!

I'll be updating after each workout. Any comments or questions are greatly appreciated!



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Hahaha Odidnetne! Nothing is wrong with fiber, if anything i probably have too much of it in a day haha


Didn't get much done this weekend as i was visiting family in Minnesota and the condo gym was less than ideal.

Went and did chest today, and had a really good workout!


Barbell bench press

Warm up set at 135. Then 225x8, 245x6, spotter helped a bit on the last two. Most i have done at this weight, stoked!

Then 225x6, 205x8, 185x10.

Then i did a static overload rep @ 315 pounds, holding it for ten seconds. Then i finished with 135x18 reps to really get the pump going!


Incline barbell bench

135x10, 145x8, 155x6, 165x4, 175x3


Half Neutral grip dumbbell flat press

4x10 @ 60s


Wide cable crosses from below shoulder level upwards

5x10 @ 50


Wide cable crosses, down then slowly to eye level and out

5x10 @ 45.


Chest fairly tired and pumped afterwards, was a good session! Also back to eating like crazy since i didn't eat as much during my trip. Weighed in at 211 before the workout today!

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Couple days behind again thanks to school, so here are the last three workouts in one post!




Pull ups

Alternating wide grip sets with narrow grip sets

Three sets of each, 6-10 reps a set


Dead lifts

245x10, 335x5, 385x3, 425x1


Bent over barbell rows

Alternating supinated and pronated grips

four sets each

12x135, 8x155, 6x175, 4x195


T Bar rows

10x135, 8x145, 6x155, 4x165


Seated rows, straight bar supinated grip

4x10 @ 120


Lat pull downs

2x20 @ 90 to finish the day off.




Smith machine shoulder press

12x45 a side, 8x55, 6x65, 4x75, and then all the way back down the pyramid.


Cable raises, lateral and rear

4x10 @ 12.5 for both lateral and rear


Dumbbell shrugs

4x8-10 @ 100lb dumbbells


Arnold presses

5x10 @ 30lb dumbbells


Rear delt machine

5x10 @ 90lbs


Forward dumbbell raises

4x8 @ 20lbs


Lateral dumbbell raises

4x10 @ 15lbs


At this point my shoulders were quite fatigued, so the finishing weights with the dumbbells weren't anything to write home about haha





Neutral grip chins superset with dips

4x8 @ 25lbs on belt


Close grip chins at bodyweight, superset with cable V-grip tricep pushdowns

4x8 with chins

4x8 @ 120, 130, 140, 150 with tricep pusdowns


Incline seated dumbbell curls, with elbows tight to body and arms rotated outwards (if that makes sense? ha)

4x10 @ 30lbs

Superset with incline skull crushers

4x10 @ 60lb barbell


Standing alternating dumbbell curls

12x35, 8x40, 6x45, 4x50

Superset with flat bench skull crushers

4x8 @ 80lb barbell


Barbell drag curls

4x12 @ 50lbs

Superset with seated Dumbbell french press

4x12 @ 40lbs


At this point my arms were super pumped and fatigued, just moving them was tiresome!


Finished with forearms

bench raises 4x15 @ 50lb barbell

superset with dumbbell twists 4x12 @ 27.5


Legs tomorrow!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone! So once again class has been hectic and i haven't updated in a few weeks! My bad haha

So here is a huge updated journal!



Incline Barbell bench press

155x12, 165x8, 175x6, 185x4

Most at that weight, stoked!


Flat dumbbell bench press

75x12, 80x8, 85x6, 90x6-7

Also most at that weight!


Flat barbell bench press

6x10 @ 135lbs


Narrow cable crosses from below shoulder level

5x10 @ 22.5lbs


Narrow cables from down low

4x10 @12.5lbs


Pec deck machine

4x8 @ 180lbs




345x10, 335x5, 385x3, 435x1

Getting my max weight back up after my shaky 455lbs a few weeks back


Bent over barbell rows

Supinated grip, then pronated grip

135x12, 155x8, 175x6, 195x4


T-Bar Rows

135x10, 160x8, 170x6, 180x4

Then 3x15 @ 90lbs



Wide grip, then narrows grip

Three sets of each until fail


Lat pull downs

5x15 @ 100lbs



Smith machine overhead press

12x45lbs a side

8x55, 6x65, 4x75; and then back down the pyramid


Narrow cable lateral and rear raises

four sets of each

4x8 @ 12.5lbs


Dumbbell shrugs

4x10 @ 100s


Dumbbell Arnold presses

10x30lbs, 10x35, 8x40, 6x45, 4x50

Stoked, most i have done with arnold presses!


Seated forward dumbbell raises

3x8 @ 25s


Seated lateral raises

3x10 @ 20s


Rear delt machine

3x10 @ 90lbs



Neutral chins superset with dips

2 sets @ 25lbs, 8-10 reps

2 sets @ 45lbs, 6-8 reps


Wide cable EZ bar curs superset with tricep pushdowns

10x110 of both, 8x120, 7x130, 6x140, 5x150


Standing dumbbell curls

10x35lbs, 8x40, 6x45, 4x50

Superset with close grip decline bench

4x8 @135lbs


Dumbbell preacher curls

12x25lbs, 10x27.5, 8x30, 6x35, 5x40

Superset with flat bench skull crushers

10x70, 8x80, 7x90, 6x100, 4x100



Four sets of leaning over forearm curls at 50lbs, superset with twists and behind the back curls




185x10, 225x8, 275x5, 315x2

Failed at bottom of third rep


Front squat

3x8 @ 185lbs


Seated calves

4x12 @ 90lbs


Leg press

Seven plates a side for 10 reps, up 90lbs(two plates) each set until 13 plates a side for 2-3reps.

Pretty stoked on that, most weight i have ever pushed on leg press!


Standing smith machine calves

12x180lbs, 12x200lbs, 10x220lbs, 10x240lbs, 8x260lbs


leg extention and ham curls

four sets of each

4x10 @ 80lbs


Then four sets of hanging leg raises until fail superset with hanging wipers


Good solid day for legs, burned for quite a few days afterwards haha



Flat barbell bench press

225x7, 245x4, 205x6, 185x8, 164x10, 135x10 twice

Really focusing today on the bottom part of the bench press, making sure the bar comes into contact with my chest each time. The bottom of my press is weaker than the top part, so im going to try and even it out here.



Incline dumbbell bench press

4x8 @ 60lbs


Narrow cable crosses from below shoulder height

5x10 @ 22.5lbs


Upward cable raises on narrow machine

3x10 @ 12.5lbs


Downward cable presses on narrow machine

4x8 @ 42.5lbs


Weighted dips

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


Cable rotator cuff exercises

Adduction and abduction

4x10 each @ 15lbs on wide cables




Going for max today, so i kept the reps down leading up to my max.

225x10, 315x1, 405x1, 455x1!

Tied my old max, but it was A LOT smoother this time, with no stalling out. Pretty stoked on that, can hopefully do a bit more!


Barbell bent over rows

Supinated grip then pronated grip

145x12, 165x8, 185x6, 205x4


T Bar rows

4x10 @ 135lbs


Lat pulldown machine

10x140, 8x160, 6x180, 4x200lbs

Two sets at each weight; one set facing forward, second set facing away.


Lat pulldowns with V handle

10x130, 8x140, 6x150, 4x160lbs


Really good back day, best in a while.



12x45lbs a side, 8x55, 6x65, 4x75lbs, then back down the pyramid


Narrow cable raises rears and laterals

4x10reps of each @ 12.5lbs


Barbell shrugs behind back

4x10 @ 225lbs


Dumbbell Arnold Presses

12x35lbs, 10x40, 8x45, 6x50, 4x55.

Most weight i've done with Arnold presses, stoked!


Dumbbell shrugs

4x8 @ 100s


Rear delt machine

12x90lbs, 8x97.5, 6x105, 10x112.5lbs




Resting today and catching up on homework, will update after chest Tuesday!

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