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Okay, so I posted a LONG time last semester about the meeting I set up last semester with my Dinning Hall about vegan food for me and other vegans. Well a lot of changes took place in the dinning hall recently, not just for vegans. I was invited to a dinner with the director of dinning services to discuss the changes made.


For dinner they served me a salad with oil and vinegar, breaded eggplant on orzo pasta, and a fruit thing for dessert. It was very nice.


When I firt got my dish however, I noticed some clumpy stuff the exact consistencey of cheese in my pasta. A waitress came by and asked me if there was a problem. A asked her what was in my pasta, and she got the chef, who told her olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and orzo pasta. Though not completely satisfied, I started eating around the clumps. Another vegan at the table got her dish and asked about the stuff as well. The chef came out AGAIN, and said that he had not added cheese. She was really upsett at this point and swore it was cheese. A girl who was vegetarian tried some of her rice, and said it could have been cheese. I mean, the stuff had the EXACT consistencey.


The director of dinning services went over to talk to the girl at this point, and they got the box of pasta and everything. No cheese. The chef came out again and said it was a starch from the way the pasta was cooked.


my question is has anyone ever cooked orzo? anyone ever noticed this cheese-like starchey stuff emerging from the cooking process? And if not, what could it be? Overcooking? The way the pasta is made? Why would the chef lie? Other dishes did not have cheese in them, so it wasn't a mix up. I tried some of the clumpey stuff and it didnt taste like cheese-I feel like I'd remember what cheese would taste like. Im curious for some feedback on this one.

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I have made orzo plenty of times and it NEVER came out like that. But, I guess a combination of olive oil, sundried tomato and orzo coould be clumpy especially if they didn't put enough water to boil in the pot and the orzo got sticky then they added olive oil and sun dried tomato. Or they are evil and added cheese!!


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