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Fitocracy Invites (about 1000 of them!)


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Hey, I didn't know where the best place to put this was, but I hope a lot of people see it. Fitocracy is kind of like a Role Playing Game, but for fitness, it's a lot of fun, has challenges to get you to try new exercises and rewards for reaching heavier lifts, it's fantastic. I've talked to one of the mods and he got me an Invite code that has 1,000 invites! I think it automatically drops you in the VeganBodyBuilding group that I created for it, but if not, join that too. This thing is great fun and everyone should give it a shot, you don't even have to create a new account if you have a FB or Twitter account, you can just log in with that. I'm tebriel on there, so hit me up if you join! Let's represent the vegan community everywhere we can.



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