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Gorilla training in park, Dead Prez, BACK on my REGIMEN

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Back in action with some new content for you.

Hardcoded credits for the hardcore inspiration of Dead Prez, stic.man - vegan BB&F lifestyle -, Divine, The Game, Mike Elizondo, Dr Dre ...

You will go crazy for these lyrics if you haven't heard the tracks already - and if you've already discovered them, hope you like this edit


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I know I should focus on the lyrics and working out, but the dog is adorable! Forgive me, I'm a girl after all

She is, yes : )


The lyrics are pretty decent, but in the beginning of the video did they use a voice module for that?

Or, is that someones real voice?

I used an audio editor for that.


How are things coming along?


All the best!

Hi Robert!

I continue to be inspired by your positive messages.

I am sad to hear about the flooding where you are, and wish everyone the best there to pull through it.

I am very grateful for my life here, and very pleased to hear from you!

I am 10,000 days old today, and I have been in China for 80 days.

I am working as an English teacher!

It was important for me to establish myself in my job, and the positive feedback I've had has really encouraged me.

Now that I'm settled, I can focus on increasing my food intake and increasing my muscle mass again!

The center is closed this week for Chinese New Year, so it's a perfect time to evaluate everything and plan ahead to make the next chapter even better!


Great to be connected!

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Dear all,

All's going very well in China.

Thanks for your support over the last 7 years.

Unfortunately my e-mail account was hacked and a friend lost money from a phishing incident.

Please beware of the dangers.

Be alert, be safe and take care.

Best wishes,


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