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Nicholas' Journey to get PHAT!

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Squats: 50.0x12, 50.0x12, 50.0x10 (Improved by completing 2 additional reps in each set)


Front Squats: 50.0x10, 50.0x8 (2 more reps in 1st set and 1 more in the 2nd)

Hack Squats: 50.0x9, 70.0x9 ( 1 more rep on both sets)

Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 50.0x14, 50.0x14, 50.0x12 (lower back is still sore from my Back Day so I stuck at a measly 50kg and upped the reps).

Dumbbell Calf Raises: 36.0x12, 36.0x12, 36.0x11 (went up with my starting weight)



[Note: I got cramps under my toes with the calf raises and found it hard to balance has this happened to you before?]

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Shoulders & Traps:



Standing BB Shoulder Press: 30.0x12, 30.0x11, 30.0x10, 50.0x4 (last rep I used some leg leverage)


Seated DB Shoulder Press: 12.0’sx10, 12.0’sx12, 18.0’sx6, 18.0’sx5


Standing Arnold Press: 12.0’sx8, 12.0x10, 12.0x9


L-Laterals: 12.0’sx8, 12.0’sx10, 12.0’sx11


BB Bent-Over Row (reverse grip): 50.0x8, 50.0x10, 50.0x11


BB Shrugs: 50.0x14, 70.0x12, 75.0x9, 75.0x8 (failed the last rep of this set)

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Had little time today to train so I just did triceps:



Warm Up: 10 minute cycle




Close grip bench press: 50.0x6, 50.0x6, 50.0x8, 5.0.x7, 50.0x6


Kickbacks: 12.0’sx12, 12.0’sx10, 12.0’sx8, 12.0’sx6, 12.0’sx4


Behind Head Extensions: 12.0x14, 12.0x12, 18.0x12, 18.0x10, 18.0x7

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Yesterday (Biceps):


Alternating Bicep Curls: 12.0'sx 12, 12.0'sx10, 12.0'sx8, 12.0'sx6 (Each arm)


Alternating Hammer Curls: 12.0'sx 12, 12.0'sx10, 12.0'sx9, 18.0'sx4 (Each arm)


DB Cheat Curls: 18.0'sx8, 18.0'sx5, 18.0'sx4 (Each Arm)



Today (Chest):



A nice short workout as I got home from school late. (First day back; Term 4. the final term of year 12, yay!)


Since it was a shorter workout I upped the intensity by having 30 second breaks between each set and each new exercise.



BB Bench press: 50.0x12, 50.0x10, 70.0x2, 60.0x8, 60.0x6, 50.0x10


DB Bench Press: 18.0’sx12, 18.0’sx10, 18.0’sx8


DB (Incline) Bench Press: 18.0’sx12, 18.0’sx10, 18.0’sx8, 18.0’sx6


DB Fly’s: 12.0’sx12


DB Incline Fly’s: 12.0’sx14, 12.0’sx6


My chest was so sore and pumped after that, so i had a big bowl of assorted grains and seeds for dinner; (Royal Quinoa, Green Lentils, Pearled Barley and brown rice mixed with a tablespoon of chilli, some paprika, Cayenne Pepper all in a diced tomato sauce with a side of broccoli and green beans).


I think i will have a PB sandwich before bed in about an hour and a half as it is 8:19pm over here and i have school tomorrow.

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Today (a short Back Workout):



In (kg):


(Rested 30-45 seconds between each set)


Deadlifts: 50.0x12, 70.0x12, 80.0x10, 80.0x9, 80.0x9


Bent over BB Rows: 50.0x10, 50.0x10, 60.0x8 (Last rep was a cheat rep), 50.0x9


One Arm DB Rows: 12.0’sx14, 12.0’sx12, 18.0’sx12, 18.0’sx10, 18.0’sx9, 18.0’sx


Lying Leg Raises: 0.0x64




Question: Is 30-45 seconds long enough rest between sets?

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I think rest is an individual thing but the heavier you go the longer you need to rest. I rest for 2-3 minutes. But if you are trying to work in cardio into your lifting you should rest less. if you want to get huge rest longer and go heavier. i definitely can lift much heavier if i rest longer.




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Today: (Legs):


In (kg):


Warmup: 60 air squats


Squats: 50.0x12, 50.0x10


Front Squats: 50.0x10, 50.0x12


Hack Squats: 50.0x9, 70.0x8, 70.0x6


Stiff Legged Deadlifts: 70.0x10, 70.0x8, 50.0x9


Calf Raise: 12.0’sx14, 12.0’sx14, 18.0’sx12, 18.0’sx11

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Shoulders and Tri's: (In kg)

Shoulder Press: 14.0’sx10, 14.0’sx10, 14.0’sx10, 14.0’sx10


Close Grip Bench Press: 30.0x12, 30.0x12, 30.0x12, 30.0x12, 30.0x12


Lateral (side) Raises: 5.0’sx10, 5.0’sx10, 5.0’sx10


Front Raises: 5.0’sx10, 5.0’sx10, 5.0’sx10


Bent over Flys: 5.0’sx10, 5.0’sx10, 5.0’sx10


Tricep Kickbacks: 5.0’sx10, 5.0’sx10, 5.0’sx10


Dips: 0.0x10, 0.0x8, 0.0x8, 0.0x10


Total Sets: 22



Training has been a bit out of whack but that is because I was back at school this week (20 something days til I graduate) and i also started lacrosse again this week. However i am a strong believer that any training is better than none so in saying that my workouts may not be up to scratch in the following few weeks but my main aim is to just get SOME training done.

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Yesterday, Biceps:


DB bicep curls: 12.0'sx12, 12.0'sx12, 12.0'sx11


Hammmer Curls: 12.0'sx10, 12.0'sx9, 18.0'sx6


Flat Bench Press: 50.0x5, 50.0x6, 50.0x8, 50.0x5, 50.0x4


(i know it's chest but it was really recovered and i waanted to tare it up!)


Some weird bicep exercise I invented: 18.0x12, 18.0x6


25 min low inensity cycling (about 15km)



(Forgot to mention that I also had lacrosse on friday afternoon for about 2 hours)

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BB Bench Press: 60.0x9, 60.0x6, 60.0x6, 60.0x7


Incline DB Press: 18.0’sx14, 18.0’sx12, 18.0’sx12, 18.0’sx12


Incline Hammer Press: 18.0’sx5, 18.0’sx9


Hammer Press: 18.0’sx12


Fly’s: 12.0’sx12, 12.0’sx12


Pushups: 0.0x32, 0.0x20, 0.0x20


Reason for short workout: I did 5 sets of bench press yesterday with biceps.

‘Better safe than sorry I always say!’

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Lunges: 18.0’s x 8, 18.0’sx8, 18.0’s x 6


BB Squats: 50.0 x 10, 50.0 x 9, 50.0 x 8


Stiff Legged deadlifts: 50.0 x 12, 70.0 x 10, 70.0 x 12


Calf Raises: 12.0’s x 20, 18.0’s x 14, 18.0’s x 13, 18.0’s x 6


Goblet Squats: 18.0 x 12, 18.0 x 10, 18.0 x 8


Today was an interesting training session, I did goblet squats and lunges for the first time EVER!


Suprisingly the lunges were harder than I had expected. I thought "Meh, lunges will be a breeze; boy was I wrong! I actually found them quite hard evenn though I was using 18kg dumbbells (40lb Dumbbells). I had lowered my reps today because yesterday I had gone for a 20km bike ride and my quads felt sore from that.

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Today; Shoulders and traps:


Barbell Military Press: 30.0x12, 35.0x10, 40.0x7, 43.0x3


Barbell Upright Rows: 30.0x12, 35.0x10, 40.0x8, 43.0x6


Barbell Bent over Reverse Grip Rows: 40.0x12, 43.0x8

Barbell Shrugs: 50.0x14, 55.0x12,


Aimed Rep Range: 6-12 reps

Total Sets: 12


Cardio: went for a driving lesson for 40 mins (not sure if that’s considered cardio but wtf!)

Note to self: Try shrugging 80kg next time.

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