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What is your ideal physique?

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My ideal physique is Frank Zane, followed by steve reeves.

More realistically Rich Franklin from the UFC has a great, attainable physique, Ive read he walks round at like 210 before cutting to 185, tho hes now moves up to 205.


Not sure if Ive posted pics right, oh well D: cbf to mess around with imageshack ._.


Edit: My idea woman is Jamie Eason, Robert has posted her pic on this thread. Heard shes starte to use HGH tho 3



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Yeah I hope its not true about her using HGH, I read a post by her on another BBing forum she was thinking about it, because it gave the other girls an advantage over her at the shows... Then heard that she had in fact started taking hgh, hope thats just stupid internetz rumours tho


Im assuming the same things that can happen to a dude, like big belly, neanderthal head etc also happen to a girl. Surely looking like that she could make an absolute fortune modelling, acting w/e. Dont do eeeett Jamie D:


(anyway gotta luv how she says "Ill never do nude" then poses with like 3 bits of sticky tape on her)

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My Ideal female Physique, is Ellena Tsatsos who just won the INBA this month







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