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What is your ideal physique?

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Noah Steere 6'6" 350lbs




http://i340.photobucket.com/albums/o350/the_truth_bucket/6_6_300_noah_steere_041.jpg http://i340.photobucket.com/albums/o350/the_truth_bucket/noah_steere2_th.jpg

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I'd love to be built like like this guy! Buakaw Por Pramuk - the greatest Thai boxer alive






a bit too thin for my taste. but those kick boxers are crazy dudes for sure.

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This is my ideal physique-maybe a shorter version of Tomoko Kanda. she's 5'4, I'm 4'9.

I'm half Japanese, I like the Asian female Body builders they look more natural and I feel like I can achieve a similar physique with my Japanese genetics.


This is my first timeposting a picture, hope it works.


Tomoko Kanda

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Still don't know how to do the quote thing...
it's easy, instead of doing "Post Reply", press "quote". All the text will be there. You can then delete or not what you don't want to appear. You can quote too by doing Post Reply like you usually do: then when you write your stuff, just find the text that you want to quote by scrolling down, highlight it, click "quote" (located on top of the text, to the right of the username).
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