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What is your ideal physique?

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Wow.. My ideal physique is not of a muscle bound body. But rather a strong but very feminine build... The hourglass figure.. Nice rounded arms small wasp waist. Nice strong legs and a round booty... Well developed calves and arched feet... Any ideas on how to get there??? See samples below wow.....


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You will be able to notice changes in your body most likely, so as you lose weight, you will see if your breasts go down in size, and you will able to decide how you feel about your figure as you go along. It won't be that one day you wake up and suddenly you have no boobs anymore. So maybe you'll lose a bit of weight, and it won't change your bra size. But if it does start to go down eventually over time, then you can decide when to stop, I wouldn't worry about it!

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I have a friend who is like a DD or E. After I went veg and started losing weight, so did she. She lost like 40 pounds, but to her dismay, her boobs didn't shrink at all. They actually look much bigger now because she is thinner. They are the butt of many jokes. Maybe I should say they are the boob of many jokes?

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Well I want to be really fit. I am pretty muscular under the extra fat. I want to be lean and strong but not too bulky. I know i will lose a lot of boob size. I am big now but so is my whole body. When I am through I will be half the size I am now. I am going to do it because I want to feel great. I want to be buff and have shape but I don't care if my boobs are huge. Not flatish though. I don't want any saggy skin so I am going to try to not lose the weight too fast and keep strength training.

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