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hey guys, my name is andres and im a wrestler. i started a plant based lifestyle last year but i havent made the full conversion to vegan living until this summer. i was just wondering if anyone has experience on weight cutting and if they could help me out to make weight for wrestling. right now i weigh between 128-130 pounds when i wake up and i can go anywhere between 132-135 after eating and hydrating. the wrestling season isnt until mid november and im hoping to drop down to the 126 weight class. i want to lose weight as healthy as possible but if theres any martial artists or wrestlers out there, i know that isnt always the case. so can anyone help me out or make a plan that can allow me to lose between 8-10 pounds in a month and a half or at least give me tips on how to cut weight on a vegan lifestyle during the season. thanks

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Based on my experience, the best way to lose weight is to eat right and healthy and of course engage in activities such as sports and exercises. Don't forget to avoid chips, sweets and sodas as well.


This thread's a bit dated but ... to be fair, you can lose weight and eat chips, sweets, and chug sodas all you want. For losing weight, it's as simple as this: eat less calories than what you need to maintain your current weight. There is no such thing as eating "right" in terms of weight lose - it's all about calories in vs. calories out. Of course, just eating chips and sweets at a caloric deficit isn't going to garner the best results but you will lose weight doing so.

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The maths is quite simple, actually. Just like vegansludge said - input vs output. The only thing is that you should really do it gradually! If you lose too much, too fast, you will be more vulnerable to illness and your overall well-being will be a bit raw. And you don't want that if you're a wrestler.

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I have been using fatsecret.com to count the calories I eat and the calories I spend. At the end of the day, you can check there the deficit (input kcal minus output kcal). For example, it says I ate 2372 kcal and spent 3003 kcal today. The deficit is 631 kcal in this case. As one pound corresponds to 3500 calories, I would theoretically need between 5 and 6 days to lose one pound if I maintained this deficit rate.

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I've always been told to forget about blaming motabolism or anything that and remember if you're eating bad stuff, do something counter that. Everything in moderation is the key, if you put on weight consistantely, then exercise more or eat less or more healthy. Only when you can maintain the same weight with your normal life style can you then change to start loosing weight. You need to live at the same weight comfortably then make the changes to start loosing weight, then you can fine tune again to start actually loosing weight.

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According to me Do regular exercising and fruit dieting is the best and healthy way to lose weight.


to reduce weight you have to obey following tips:


Doing meaning full exercise in the morning for 30 mints,

go on walk,

eat fruits and boiled vegetables,

neglect oily and fat foods items.

use water mostly about 8 to 10 glasses,

stay active all the day...


Not to be "that person" but, yes, there are other psychological and health benefits/factors regarding the type of food one eats but, for all intents and purposes, it's all about energy expenditure and calories consumed.


I highly recommend anyone interested in losing weight read this article:



And this research review:


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I'm trying to get ripped without losing muscle or strength.I want to keep gaining strength.Also i plan to lose 10-15kg (i was 100kg last week, now down to 98kg).

I really hate carry the extra weight on runs and i always sucked at chinups so being 100kg after bulking just made this harder.


What im doing is:


*running everyday


*eating clean (no greasy or junk food basically)


*if you're taking creatine stop because it holds alot of water weight (its a cell volumizer).good for gains not for cutting


*no high carb meals after 4pm (if i do i make sure to go for a walk/bit of a jog before bed to burn off anything that will store as fat overnight)


*final meal is always a protein shake


Basically the plan is to wake up around a pound lighter everyday.


If you have to lose extra weight 2 days before a weigh in or something i recommend asking around on sherdog.com or something so you get it right.

Dehydrating and starving yourself before a match has to be done perfect so ask as many competitive fighters as possible to learn from experience.

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