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Raw Swiss Chard


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I had posted this question on another forum but haven't received any feedback yet.


I've been gradually adding more raw greens to my daily menu. Last weekend, I chomped on two huge leaves of swiss chard (organic). The last time I had some (years ago), it was cooked. After a few bites, my throat started to feel scratchy and "burned," similar to the last few times I've tried eating honeydew melon. I'm thinking I may be allergic to them.


Anyone else experience this?



SeaWillow (Jean)

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I don't think I've had swiss chard before so I don't really know. I know some people have alergies to various fruits or veggies. I don't think I have any, although certain foods like carrots can upset my stomach, so I avoid them most of the time.


I hope you get it resolved


All the best,



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