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My cookbook is published:)


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I know none of you understand my language, and this book is of no use to you, but I just wanted to share my joy of finally seeing it published!

It is the first vegan cookbook ever published in Serbian, so this is huuuuge!

This is the link to the Facebook page:



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Wow! Great work!!!!


I am very proud for you!!!



If it is ever published in English later on I will not hesitate to buy a copy!



Who knows, I may even buy a copy of it now just to look at the photos of the yummy food!

Thank you so much! I am glad you like it!

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Great work! Now get it translated!!

Thank you! Sky is the limit


Thumbs Up!


If it does well, can we expect an English translation? You can make some money and we will not have to bother you for recipes

I am more than happy to share my recipes with you. The problem is, main thing in my recipes is healthy factor, so not many people are really interested in sweets without sugar, main dishes with almost no oil or salt, etc. But, I am choosing the hard way. I know that I enjoy "bland" food now, once I am not addicted to sugar, salt or oil anymore. I mean, for me, perfect cooking is just steaming and nothing else. The taste of plain steamed veggies is something I enjoy genuinely. But who needs a cook book to steam veggies, so I had to make things a bit comlicated just to suit the taste of the public


Congratulations! That is fantastic. I imagine many more Serbians will become vegan after seeing your yummy recipes. And I love the word "veganski".

LET'S HOPE SO But long way to go... We are society of grilled meat eaters.

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Thanks! Baby Hercules, this is just for you



That photo is a work of art (my stomach is rumbling in agreement). Is that bread really made from only flour, salt, and water, no leavening agent?


Baby Herc


Of course! I am no VegNews! to use fake photos!

Try it yourself. You can start with smaller loafs, and practice. It' fun and not so hard as it may look like.

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