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My cookbook is published:)


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Goodbye store bought bread!


Great recipe




I made the tofu chard tart last night. Substituted the swiss chard for spinach and added a bit more garlic though.


It was well received by my girlfriend and daughter, and I also loved it. Wicked effort dude

Great! I am glad you liked it!


Just read about your publishing, congratulations! A good friend of mine became fluent in Serbian while serving in the US army! It would be very cool to have and he could read it for me. I'll look for it!

I am woking on traslations of the recipes, and I will put them one by one on my blog.


PS: Congratulations to you friend! It is not an easy language to learn. The Serbian language uses seven cases, for both singular and plural, for nouns and adjectives. Adjectives follow the noun in declension, etc.

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Oh wow I just read that you said it's the first ever serbian vegan cook book - that is really something!! Just wanted to say congratulations

Thank you, Richard!


Wow that looks good! I would love to check out the recipes on your blog. I love cooking!

Cooking is great! Enjoy!


OK, guys... here's a new recipe, millet cake very tasty, and very healthy!




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