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My new refined routine.

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So I am going to rock the boat here and change my routine. I was getting good results on my old routine, 5 day split, 4x8. But while recovering from LASIK I've been researching a lot and looking over my old logs and I can do better. I've decided I need to cut my volume down. I also noticed that 5 days a week is just one day too much, I need that extra day to recover. I also want to focus more on strength, so by looking at my logs I noticed that my working percentage on 3x8/4x8 was 80%. I feel by going from 5 or 6 lifts 5x a week to 3 lifts 4x a week I can afford to go balls to the wall on one lift per day up to 85% of my 1RM so here is my new minimalism routine focusing partly on strength, and partly on hypertrophy/strength, with isolation exercises I have deemed almost useless removed.


Thanks VeganEssentials for pointing me the right way.


Sunday: Chest/Triceps

Barbell Bench Press 5x5 85% 1RM

Weighted Dips 4x8

Dumbbell Bench Press 4x8


Monday: Rest/HIIT


Tuesday: Shoulders

Barbell Shoulder Press 5x5 85% 1 RM

Lateral Raises 4x10

Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4x8


Wednesday: Rest/HIIT


Thursday: Back

Deadlifts 5x5 85% 1 RM

Weighted Chinups 4x8

Row Variant 4x8


Friday: Legs

Squats 5x5 85% 1 RM

Stiff Leg Deadift 4x8

Calf Raises 4x10


Saturday: Rest/HIIT

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Solid routine. I would maybe swap the days the shoulder/back workouts are on though, so you're not squatting/stiff leg deadlifting the day after you deadlift. You need your back and hams for them! Also gives maximal time for your upper/lower body to recover before next workout.


EDIT: also how do you plan to load the main exercises? i assume you won't do the same reps at 85% forever

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Agreed with Chewy on that point - if it were me, I'd swap the Tuesday and Thursday sessions to allow more time for recovery on some of the overlapping muscle groups (you'll have more shoulder strength if you don't do them soon after chest/triceps, and more going for legs if you aren't still possibly recovering from the lower back work). Other than that, it's a pretty nice, clean program to try, hope it turns out to work well for you!

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