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Fit Before 40 , We Can Rebuild Him.....2012 Log..

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I am starting this log to chronicle my process recovering from injuries to my Left Ankle and Achilles Tendon.I was getting back into shape (my previous Log) but back in April a recurring Injury popped up and i went and had a MRI done and my left Achilles Tendon had a heel spur poking right through it and said it was damaged beyond repair.My doctor also noticed my outer ligament in my ankle were damaged from rolling my ankle a few times over the years.It is an injury I have had for awhile but decided enough was enough and went ahead and planned for surgery , So in June I had Achilles Tendon Replacement surgery where they take the tendon off my big toe and replace the damaged tendon.Surgery went well and obviously i was sore.In July I had Ligament repair surgery done to the same foot.Recovery has been slow but consistent.


I had since the middle of August been doing some walking and going to physical therapy.September I returned to my job at a warehouse, was on 40 pound weight restrictions for the first 3 weeks and this past week was my first week back on full duty, though i still have a no overtime restriction do to major swelling around my ankle as the week goes on.Doctor says this is do to both the surgery and my foot basically being weak still.It will take time for it to go away.Range of motion is improving and now here are my short term goal...


My goal now is to lose fat and slowly increase muscle while recuperating. I will slowly increase my cardio and weight lifiting and get myself back in shape without reinjuring myself. I am starting to do more cardio on my spinning bike now and I plan on trying slowly doing some StrongLifts 5x5 workouts, though it will be more like 3x5 for Squats at first, obviously the Squats and Deadlifts will be more slow going as I gain more confidence in what I can handle, so at first I am going to add only 5 pounds a week to these exercises and see how it goes, not sure if I should do the same for upper body too?


Well that is basically my plan for the last 3 months of 2011 hopefully by January I will be back in the thick of things.It takes a year for it to fully heal but I would think that is more toward running and other vigorous cardio activity...


Did some measurements today too


Weight 217

Bodyfat 26.9%

BMI 30.5

Neck 15 1/2

Chest 42

Shoulders 49

Waist 43 3/4

Hips 43 1/4


yep got some work to do....

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Today I had my first real workout since April, I went to the gym last week too but i did some real light circuit stuff on the machines just to get the feel of being back in the gym.today was a bit more of a challenge.I had one of the trainers working with me to help with rehab(I think he actually told me he has been on this site)


Exercise Bike 25 minutes Did this while I was waiting for my session.


Squats 45x5 form was awful, slight tightness in my Achilles and Calf and I wasn't sitting back enough in the squat.So we changed to doing some Front Squats.

Front Squats 45x2x5 was able to get down more but the bar was all over the place, yep havent lifted for awhile....

Leg Press 110X2x5 was doing 80 pounds at the physical therapist, was pretty easy.

Calf Raises 2x12did them on two legs but tried to only use my right one as an aid and let left side to most of the lifting.wasn't easy.

Inverted Rows 2x10

Push Ups 1x4, 1x8 second set i did on the smith machine bar to give a little more incline, made it a little easier.

bosu ball balancing on left foot

band work on the left foot



Lack of exercise and crappy diet has made these really tough.I have a loooong road to recovery..



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Today's workout. 10-4-2011


Trying to do stronglifts while i continue rehabbing..Not entirely sure if i should hold off on adding weight to my upper body exercises or hold off like i am doing with Squats (only adding 5 pounds per week for at least a month or so)


Squats 45x5x5 Legs still hurt from Sunday but made it through..can't wait to get back in shape....

Overhead Press 45x5x5

Deadlifts 90x5 wasn't sure if this was going to be too much but made it through ok....

Leg Press 110x10, 95x15 strictly for rehabbing..

Calf Raises 12,15,15 strictly for rehabbing..

Bosu Ball Balance on Left Foot 3 sets of 20 second hold..


Diet. 10-4-2011


keeping my calories between 1500 to 2000 for now until I really pick up the weight training..not real concerned just need to eat clean..making some Quinoa and Garbanzo Beans now to mix together...

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Went to the gym and just did the main 3 exercises for SL5x5


Squats 50x5x5

Bench Press 50x5x5

Rows 60x5x5


Rode the bike for 10 minutes to finish off the day


..again just a quick 30 minute or so workout..Foot was swollen quite a bit today from being on it all week at work so i didn't want to do a whole lot today..added 5 pounds to the squat and of course added 5 pounds to the other exercises.biggest concern is my squat form isn't very good, still have issues getting all the way down because of the tightness in my left Achilles/Calf, so i really don't see much of an increase in weight for squats for at least a couple more weeks.I am in recovery stage right now but at the same time I do want to build up strength as well..So i am juggling two things at once and hopefully I am doing the right thing, I see my physical therapist on Monday so I will ask them then....



Diet is eh, got to work on that more..need a tub of vega or maybe i will try sunwarrior Warrior Blend.made a pot of Chickpeas mixed with Quinoa to mess around with and got to get some veggies from the co-op tomorrow ..

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Squats 55x5x5

OH Press 50x5x5

Deadlifts 100x5

Calf Raises 1x20,1x16





Squats 60x5x5

OH Press 55x5x5

Deadlifts 115x5

Bench Press 55x5x5

Inverted Rows 1x9,1x5,1x6

walked 6-7 miles or so...


I decided just to bunch the workout a and b together and doing the workout twice a week, I know it isn't recommended to do this but with overtime at work doing warehouse work it is just a pain getting to the gym that extra day..My overall goal is getting healthy and ultimately starting cardio again.

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I'll be following your journal! I had surgery end of August to repair a severed EHL tendon in my foot and recovery has been soooooo slow. I'm still in a walking boot and going a bit crazy. My physical therapist thinks I'll be running in February so I have that to look forward to. Right now I've just been cleared for upper body weight stuff.


Best of luck to you! It's amazing how much we take things like simple mobility for granted until we have lost them.

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I tried jogging a little at work today and it was a cross between a skip and a limp, it was ugly.Not ready for that yet....but yeah this surgery has taken every cardio thing I could do and disrupted it.



Anyways I was a bit sore at work today from the walking I did yesterday, but i managed to make it through the day.Thinking about adding Kettlebells to my workout got a hold of a program called Skogg Kettlebells..not sure though if this would interfere with my barbell training..I have a 15 pound kettlebell so it shouldn't bother to much i don't think..I try it see if it helps with the cardio..

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As far as the lifting goes, i am going to keep it simple.substitute Leg presses for Squats for now.My knee is stilloff and the press doesn't seem to bother it as much.I will definetly change it back to Squats when i feel it is right.Since i am picking the weight off the ground rather than having it on my shoulder, I will keep the Deadlifts.I will keep this program over the winter, add this and the walking i do and I got some Yoga DVD's i am going to start doing too.It should help with the rehab I have been slacking on the last couple months.


plus this is the program i am going to do with the 12 days of Christmas thing Robert has going on...





Dumbbell Rows

Bicep Curls




Flat Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Shoulder Presses

Tricep Dips (bench version for now)




Leg Press

Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Calf Raises (3x12)

Crunches and/or Hanging Leg Raises

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12-22-2011 workout


Pull workout


  • Bike warmup for 7 minutes.
  • Deadlifts 135x5,145x5,145x5, 155x5,135x5
  • DB Rows 4x30x10, 30x8
  • DB Bicep Curls 30x7,30x5,30x5, 20x10
  • Shrugs 35x10,35x12
  • Assisted Pullups 195x10,180x6, 165x5
  • Rowing machine 5 minutes at the end.


Also walked home from the movie theater (aprox 3 miles)


Diet today is meh since i was out all day.I have had like 5 Bananas, some Popcorn at the movie (no butter) I am going to have some Hummus with Naan Bread for dinner so that should boost my calorie intake..overall not a good day diet wise but I thought it went well with the Fitness part.


I am going to have to hit the gym Saturday for the Push exercises since they are closed Sunday because of Christmas.

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I ended up doing Kathryn Budig Aim True Yoga I did about 15 minutes i was going to do the whole thing but it got rather difficult because of the knee bend movements and all that so i stopped and did P90x KenpoX...surprisingly it went pretty good, Had trouble with the switch the feet punches because of the jumping part (ended up just doing them the regular way without the jumping)..hardest part was the yoga because my flexibility is shit right now, but i will get there..I will be doing Crow pose before too long :P


Dietwise was a mix of good and bad.much better than yesterday had some organic chips and salsa, 5 bananas, about 30 oz of hemp milk with 2 tablespoons of Sunwarrior Ormus Green and 1 scoop of Sunwarrior warrior blend protein and a couple of Larabars...it is a start i need to get more raw food in but i have a bunch of soups and frozen dinners and stuff to get through first..plan is to go mostly raw food by spring time.I am going to start my own garden in the spring, couldn't do it this year because of my surgery but i am determined to do a 180 change in my lifestyle choices in 2012..especially the diet and exercise part of it.

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Well got up and got my Push workout in the books for today.I was pretty sore from doing the p90x Kenpo video yesterday but wasn't working my legs so i didn't really care I thought today's workout went really well, weighed myself this morning.I didn't like what i saw but wasn't surprised because of my junk food habit lately and really being lazy as well.I am also going to start logging in my food intake at Livestrong to hold myself more accountable on the nutrition front.


Morning Weight 234.4

Fat % 28.9 (handheld thing at the gym)

BMI 33.2 (handheld thing at the gym)


obviously these are pathetic numbers but i ain't going to fuss to much about it because it was expected.With my injury, than the surgery to correct it and the stress I have been under ever since then..I just have to snap out of the self absorbing brooding behavior I have been in.2012 is upon us and this will CHANGE!!



  • Overhead Press 1x55x12, 5x65x5
  • Bench Press 1x55x12, 1x75x5, 3x80x5
  • Tricep Dips on bench modified 3x10
  • Tricep Ext on Machine 1x60x12, 1x70x10
  • Modified Push Ups 1x10, 1x9



  • Walked 2.3 Miles at about 2.5-3.0 MPH.


The Food Log have it all planned out! that's a first...

  • Meal One Red bull, 2 Bananas and Kombucha Multi-green (390 calories)
  • Meal Two 16 oz Hemp Milk, 1 scoop Sunwarrior warrior blend, Sunwarrior Ormus Green (342 calories)
  • Meal Three Amy's Low Salt Lentil Soup (375 calories)
  • Meal FourNaked Juice Green Machine, 2 Bananas (490 calories)
  • Meal Five Veggie Tray (everyone else is eating meatballs and all that stuff ) (guessing under 100 calories)
  • Meal Six Almond Milk and 1 scoop of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend (262 calories)


1900 calories, 25g fat, 362g Carbs, 75g protein, 31g fiber



probably have a couple beers today too so that should push me to about 2100-2200 calories....

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Got up got ready and walked to the gym to do Legs and some ab work...



Legs and Abs

  • Leg press - 1x120x30, 1x195x15, 1x255x10, 1x270x8, 1x270x6, 1x270x6
  • Stiff Leg dead lifts - 1x45x12, 1x95x10, 1x105x6, 1x108x8, 1x110x8, 1x110x7
  • Seated Calf Raises - 1x50x40, 1x110x30, 1x130x30, 1x140x35, 1x140x25
  • Crunches 2x30, 1x40
  • Hanging Leg Raises 2x10, 1x12




  • Walk to the Gym and back home 4.5 Miles.





no comment..

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  • Walking to work






  • Breakfast - Amy's Kitchen Pasta and 3 bean soup, 2 Bananas
  • snack - GT Kombucha Multi Green
  • Lunch - Couscous and Quinoa,Bragg Nutritional Yeast, Bragg Liquid Aminos
  • snack 2 - Almond Raisin Walnut Cliff Bar, Sunwarrior Ormus Green
  • Dinner - Salsa and Chips

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I have had this piece of equipment for awhile now so I thought it was about time I used it I did some inverted rows on it, Actually i might start doing some running in place drills on this as well..tried it for a minute and got a little sweat going in that short of time and didn’t really bother my achilles or my knee..by holding onto the the handles and running seemed to ease some of the stress on my hurting parts :P


Pull Workout


  • Dumbbell Deadlift 1x50x12, 3x60x10, 1x60x9
  • Dumbbell Rows 4x60x10
  • Bicep Curls 5x30x10
  • Dumbbell Shrugs 1x60x20, 2x70x20,1x70x12
  • Bodyweight Row (UltimateBodyPress) 2x7


Didn't have time for the gym today so I tried to do everything using Dumbbells..it is wierd cause it seems the 30lb db's at the gym seem heavier than my home ones..hmm? anyways everything went well..probably should have added 10 lbs to my Curls, the shrugs i am just working my way into them so the high rep will continue until I add more weight.took about 30-40 minutes....



  • Walked to work 1.3 miles


Still have to get into the habit of logging my food.wasn't to bad today.

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Push Day


Only did three exercises as i was running out of time and had to get to work.Again with overtime I just used my Dumbbells at home instead of going to the gym..


  • DB Bench Press 30x20,30x20,40x12,40x12,40x16,40x16
  • DB overhead Press 5x40x12
  • Tricep Ext. 4x40x12


took about 30 minutes to do, finished that up and took 25 minutes to walk to work..Diet was off today still finishing everything up that i have in the cupboards than i will..than it is on to mostly raw food(probably 70% raw)..we will see.

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Again didn't go to the gym but used the equipment I have at home.I thought it went well.Did some Goblet Squats and they didn't give me to much of a problem so I will keep doing these as I get my lower body ready to start doing heavier weights in a few months.



Leg and Ab workout


  • Goblet Squat 1x40x12, 4x50x10
  • DB Stiff Leg Deadlift 5x50x10 (2 - 50 lb db's so technically 100 lbs)
  • Standing Calve Raises 2x50x30, 1x50x20 (2 - 50 lb db's so technically 100 lbs)
  • Gaim Band sidesteps 3x50 feet (aprox) down hallway and back
  • Single Leg Raises 3x20
  • Crunches 3x30




  • Bowl of Popcorn (no margarine or salt)
  • 10 Dates, Kombucha Multi Green
  • 16 oz coconut Milk, Sunwarrior Raw Blend and Ormus Green
  • Amys Gourmet Lentil Soup
  • Water with Red Mill Baking Soda

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