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Fit Before 40 , We Can Rebuild Him.....2012 Log..

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Hi Jesse!


I've seen you on here more than almost anyone lately! I was just talking to Karen (the co-creator of our 12 Days and New You for the New Year program) about you. I'm impressed with your dedication here.


I like your journal style. Very organized and creative. Great stuff.


You were just outside the first 50 to apply for a coach this month, but I'm going to see what we can do about getting you matched up with someone. Some coaches are totally maxed out and can only handle X number because of their regular work/life schedule, but we're going to create some flexibility somewhere and make it work.


Follow up with me [email protected] or and with Karen [email protected] and one of us will follow up with you and get you set up to rock this challenge and rock this month!


We've got a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to.


Thanks again for being here and for all your efforts and time spent in our community. Much appreciated.


Happy New Year!



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  • 10:00 am - 16 oz water with True Lemon Packet, 10 Dates (240 calories)
  • 11:00 am Yogi Echinecea Immune Support Herbal Tea, Pines Wheatgrass Tablets, Pure Hawaiian Spirulina (35 calories)
  • 1:00 pm - Almond milk with Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Raw, 1 avocado (412 calories), 16 oz water with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (No Sweetner)
  • 4:00 Amy's Low Fat No Chicken Noodle Soup (200 Calories), Cucumbers
  • 7:00 Bowl of Popcorn with some margarine and salt (need to cut this out)
  • H20 didn't really count but i would say it was probably in the 7=9 cup range if you include 16 oz i mixed with true lemon and 16 oz i mixed with apple cider vinegar.If i can't count these than i had 32 oz of just water today.




  • 30 minutes of jumping around listening to Duran Duran doing various cardio exercises i learned from doing Power 90 and P90x....Also did 10 Burpees woohoo (never thought i would be able to start these again!)
  • Yoga


Here is a picture of my weight graph from the last couple years..something i need to improve on in the coming month errr years..



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Morning Weight : 236.6





  • AM Walk to work (1.4 miles)
  • PM Shoulder and Triceps
  • DB Shoulder Press 20x20, 40x12,40x12,40x10,40x10,40x10
  • DB Lateral Raise 15x10, 25x9, 25x9, 20x10,20x8
  • DB Shrugs 40x30, 50x12, 60x12, 70x18, 70x12
  • Tricep Bench Dips 8,8,8
  • DB Tricep Ext. 40x12,40x12,40x12
  • 30 minutes cardio Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home did 2 1/2 miles of the 5 mile dvd.


No discomfort doing the video so i will stick with this video for awhile.might even look for some of the other videos she has done to mix it up a little.I am switching from a 3 days weight workout to a 4 day workout to for weights.Shoulders and Triceps,Back, Chest and Biceps and a Conservative Leg workout..





  • Breakfast Organic Instant Oatmeal - Maple Syrup (2 packets), 1 cup non sweetened almond milk 420 calories, 8 oz water mixed with Sunnwarrior Ormus Green
  • Early Break 2 Bosc Pears, 6 Spirulina Tablets, Larabar Apple
  • Lunch Whole Wheat Conscous and Quinoa , 1 cup frozen Brocolli
  • Afternoon Break Carrot Juice 16 oz with Hemp Protein
  • Dinner Amy's Low Salt Lentil Soup
  • Evening Snack Kombucha Multi-Green
  • Pre/Post Workout Pre: 8 oz Acai Juice, 1 Banana, Post:2 scoops Sunwarrior Blend Protein with 8 oz almond milk


Need some Vega to increase my Protein I think, will have to wait though until next Friday,,Rent Week grr...Sunwarrior and Hemp Protein is about half gone too..eeeek.


Drank 80 oz water, 1 cup of Ginger Herbal Tea.


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Your journal rocks! Love the effort and I'm making an "organizer's choice" decision and hooking you up with one of our many prizes. You're our first winner in The New You for the New Year Challenge!


We're selecting winners based on lots of different things, and 3 different organizers will select weekly winners, and of course we'll still do the trivia for all to enter and win, but I'm hand-picking this journal as one that is unique, stands out and has a lot of thought and work put into it, as our first winner!


Well done, Jesse!


Great stuff you've got going on here. I even like the colors and organization


Email [email protected] - I'll give you a list of prizes to choose from in this biweekly prize give-away.


Have a great workout tomorrow and enjoy those garbanzo beans!



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Morning Weigh In - 235.2



  • AM workout
  • Walk to work at moderate pace.1.4 miles
  • PM Workout Back and Abs
  • Assisted pullups 210x16, 180x6,180x6,180x6,180x5
  • Lat Pulldowns 75x12, 90x8,90x6,75x8,60x16
  • Back Extensions 65x30, 95x20, 95x15
  • DB Rows 30x15, 40x10, 40x10, 40x8, 40x10
  • Reverse Crunches 15,10,12
  • Crunches 30,20,20
  • Plank Hold 50 seconds, 35 seconds (I will get to a minute, Oh Yes I will.
  • Finished up by doing the 22 minute Walk Away The Pounds 1 Mile DVD and some stretching with the Gaiam Band.


Felt it was a good workout.Tomorrow is my day off B) Pull Ups were really hard with all this extra weight around my gut.once the fat burns away it should get better, plus extra strength will help too, lol.





  • Meal One Organic Chili, 4 mini Cucumbers, Braswell's Tomato and Onion Dressing, 16 oz water (30P, 84C 18F)
  • meal two Oatmeal Raisin Almond Cliff Bar ((10P, 43C, 5F)
  • meal three Avocado, 2 Bananas (4P, 71C,15F)
  • meal four Amys Indian Mattar Paneer, Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreen (11P, 54C, 8F)
  • meal five Vega Complete Whole Foods Natural, Bolthouse Carrot Juice (8oz) ( 28P,32C,6F)
  • Preworkout Carrot Juice with Hemp Protein (17P,17C,6F)
  • Post Workout Naked Green Machine 16oz, Sunwarrior Blend, a Banana (22P, 94C,1F)
  • Meal Six ! Cup Chiuckpeas, ! Cup Chopped Raw Kale, 1 teaspoon Bragg Liquid Amino and a sprinkle of Bragg Herb sprinkle

Headed to the store after work for some Oatmeal, Beans and other stuff..



Overall I feel a little bloated right now and I haven't even had my chickpeas yet.energy level was so so today.I thought once i started the workout it was fine but work has been tiresome with the overtime so it is hard to judge whether it is the extra day of training making me tired or 10 hours of warehouse work (some lifting, picking product...)


I drank 100 oz of water today ..lost count but it was a lot I filled by Brita water at work 4 times (16 oz bottle) than dranked a bunch during my workout so i am pretty sure it was over 100 oz, I haven't even had dinner yet (7 PM)..


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Robert is right, Jesse. Your journal is very organized and it's very easy for me to zero in on the info I'm looking for.


I see your weight is down by more than a pound today. Awesome, but we don't want you dropping too quickly. I'm definitely going to have you eating more soon. I just want to see what your weight does for another day or so. But keep eating smaller meals, more often. And keep your water intake up. Drop me an email when you get a chance. I'm interested in how your energy level is, with the increase in cardio and adding another day for weight training. If you're hungry in the evening, especially if you trained within the previous few hours, EAT! You gotta fuel those muscles!! And be sure you're eating adequately both before AND after your training.


You're doing fantastic! Keep up the great work!

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Thanks I try to make it as clear as possible so i can go back and read over my progress i have made months from now.And the kale today was more like 2 cups..hehe


I do notice with a cupboard full of canned amy's goods my sodium level is going to stay pretty high for the time being.going to have to start cooking my own stuff dhow the line..yay! :P

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Eat as much kale as you want! It's a sooooo packed with nutrition!!!


I agree, as you use up all of those canned goods, replace them with staples and ingredients to prepare your own meals. Try some new recipes. If you have a crock pot, they're great for soups, baking sweet potatoes, steaming stuffed bell peppers, all sorts of things. Have fun and experiment with new ways to prepare your food.

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Ordered 80 oz worth of Bob's Red Mill Natural Raw Sunflower Seeds and Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer Chocolate..sometimes I get a weird reaction to nuts (especially Almonds) so seeds are usually better for me...Just gotta tell myself to put the bag down after i measure how much i am going to eat..lol



I still have to acquire a taste for kale but that is the reason i buy it...I have gotten sick off spinach and broccoli so i am cautious, If I steam broccoli and mix it with something like quinoa or rice i am fine but raw I can get really sick..

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Morning Weigh In 230.4



  • Walk to work 1.4 miles otherwise nothing more than just what i did at work..DAY OFF cardio and Lifting.





  • 4:30 am Steal Cut Oats, Ground Flaxseed, 1 Banana. Almond Milk, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spirulina (17P,88C,13F)
  • 7 am Clif Bar Oatmeal Raisin (10P,43C,5F)
  • 9 am Chickpeas, Brussel sprouts (19P,56C,4F)
  • 11 am Vega Complete Food, Sunflower Seed Kernals (31P,24C,20F)
  • 1 pm 2 Bananas, 10 Dates (did not want to eat, forced myself) (4P,114C,0F)
  • 5 pm Kale, Sunwarrior Blend Protein, Almond Milk, Frozen Berries Mix, Sunflower Seeds (34P,41C,37F)
  • 8 pm Kombucha Multi Green, 2 Bananas (2P,68C,0F)





Only workout today was a 1.4 walk to work.Diet today was good i thought considering I had Brussel Sprouts in the morning and I just didn't feel good after that, I tried eating throughout the day,I do feel much better now...My muscles from lifting really aren't as sore as they usually are, must be from eating more...


Water Intake 120 oz


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morning weigh in 229.8





Chest and Biceps

  • DB Bench Press 30x20, 40x16,50x10, 50x10, 50x10, 50x11
  • DB Bicep Curls 20x15, 30x12, 40x10, 40x10, 40x8, 40x8
  • DB Flys 10x15, 20x15,30x10,30x9
  • Modified Push Ups 8, 9, 7


Light Cardio


  • Walk Away The Pounds 1 mile workout





  • Breakfast - GT Gingerade Kombucha, Chickpeas, Spirulina (17P,45C,4F)
  • 7 am - Larabar Gingersnap Bar (5P,22C,13F)
  • 9 am - Almond Milk, Sunwarrior Blend Protein (36p, 22c,9F)
  • Lunch - Amy's Vegan Enchilada Meal (9P,53c,8f)
  • 1:30pm - Larabar Peanut Butter (7p,23c,12f)
  • 3:00pm - Clif Bar Oatmeal Raisin (10p,43c,5f)
  • Pre-Workout - Sunflower Seeds, Vega Complete Meal Chocolate, Almond Milk (20p,35c,23f)
  • Post Workout - 2 Bananas, Zico Coconut Water (3p,69c,0f)
  • Dinner - Chickpeas, Broccoli, Bragg Liquid Aminos, Bragg Nutritional Yeast (40p,104c,9f)


152 ounces of water today.though that might go up.


was planning on oatmeal for breakfast but nodded off after the alarm went off so when I woke up again i had a hour to get to work..oops.so settled for the garbanzo beans, larabar and clif bars are nice to have at work so i can eat them while i am working on a forklift at work.I should be eating more natural stuff but i really don't how that would work with my job...Got my Red Mill Raw Sunflower seeds in today so after i finish off the bag of salted ones I'll have some that aren't salty as hell...


work was alright just the long day makes it tiring.felt alot better than yesterday which was good.I notice I am going to the restroom more at work with the increase water intake..when i am on the lift drivng it must juggle the water around to my bladder or something..lol


Workout was good...added flys to make it longer, not really sure what else to add.I will have to pop in the p90x chest dvd and get some ideas...Pain in my knee today while doing the walking video was nil so that is a good sign that the walking is helping, and the eating more for that matter...


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Morning Weigh In 228.8





Legs I don't do anything heavy for Legs because of my surgery and Knee Injury from a couple months back.


  • 5 minutes of walking front kicks warming up...
  • Goblet Squats - 30x12, 40x12, 40x12, 40x10,40x10, 30x10
  • DB SL Deadlifts - 30x12, 40x10, 40x10, 40x10, 40x10, 40x10
  • Step Ups (3 high than after 1st set went to 2 high) - 4x20 reps each leg
  • DB Calve Raises - 3x40x20
  • Lying Down Leg Lifts - 15,12,12
  • Lying down Side Leg Lifts - 20,12,12
  • Balance Board - 45 seconds, 1 minute 50 seconds
  • Walking in place, High Knees Kicks, punches, Heisman steps (from the Insanity videos) and other stuff for 20 minutes for my cardio.






Woke up late so I am playing catch up with the calories.just going to have to have a late evening snack i guess.


  • Breakfast - steel oats, hemp powder, banana, flaxseed meal, almond milk, packet of stevia, Kombucha Multi Green (27p,86c,16f)
  • Lunch - Garbanzo beans, Brown Rice, Quinoa, canned peas, turmeric, cayenne pepper, Bragg amino and sprinkles 26p,99c,5f)
  • Pre workout sunflower seeds, 2 bananas (7p,61c,14f)
  • Post Workout Naked Juice, Sunwarrior Protein (21p,67c,1f)
  • Snack Garbanzo Beans, Olive Oil, Mrs Dash Table blend, medium salsa,Bragg ACV, bunch of kale (21p,65c,20f)
  • Dinner Vega Whole Food health optimizer (26p,23c,7f)
  • snack Bob's Red Mills Raw Sunflower Seeds, Bottle of He'Brew Genesis Ale (7p,19c,16f)


Water Intake aprox. 128 oz


Edited by jbrickzin
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Morning weigh in - 228.8




  • 3 Mile walking off the pounds (50 minutes)




  • Breakfast - steel oats,flaxseed,hemp protein,spirulina,almond milk,frozen berries from costcos (30p,87c,14f)
  • snack - sunflower seeds (15p,21c,42f)
  • Lunch - Amy's No Chicken Noodle, Quinoa, brown rice (17p,72c,9f)
  • snack/pre workout almond milk, Vega complete whole foods choc (29p,43c,8f)
  • dinner chickpeas, Kirkland organic salsa, frozen spinach, bragg sprinkles, cayenne pepper (31p,97c,8f)
  • snack carrot juice, hemp protein (15p,25c,3f)


all those sunflower seeds was a bad idea, wont do that again.been cramping all day.i will never go above 1/4 cup again.besides that i though it was alright.I would like to get more protein without using 2 scoops of vega, I would prefer to use only 1 scoop to make it last longer.I am going to make a big push in using up all the canned stuff i got than just pre make batches of rice and beans and just mix green veggies and whatever else i have.


wish i had a vitamix to make my own almond milk but the blender i have now wouldn't do the job.Just too much salt in pre made almond milk.maybe one day.energy level was ok today, went to the co op and got some raw pumpkin seed and spirulina bars and cliff bars for snacks at work.got home, made my shake, waited about 20 minutes than did my three mile away the pounds video which lasted about 50 minutes.waited about a hour than ate dinner..


will post some progress pics later this week.I want to get another week of training in since i posted my before pics just 2 1/2 weeks ago, I want to wait another week.


Oh yeah drank about 112 oz of water today


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You're doing great! You've incorporated some great changes and the scale is moving! Yay!


I just read your email. I'm glad to hear that you're "full of energy"! That's called more adequate nutrition and hydration, my friend. It only gets better and better! Now, if we could only get you sleeping better, things would really go up another notch! But keep at it. Step by step, day by day, you will reach your goals.

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Daily Weight 231.6



Shoulder and Triceps

  • DB Press 20x20,50x10,50x10,50x8,50x8,50x8
  • DB Lateral Raise 15x10,25x8,25x8,25x10,25x8
  • DB Shrugs 50x20,80x12,80x12,80x10
  • Tricep Kickback 40x8,40x10,40x10
  • Bench Dips 10,8,8



  • just going to do some walk away the pounds but to my kind of music 80's Metallica

40 minutes





  • pre-workout - Hemp powder,Warrior Blend Raw Protein, Spirulina
  • post-workout/breakfast - steel oats, dates,flaxseed meal, Gingerberry Kombucha
  • snack - Go Raw Spirulina Bar (mmmm tasty!!)
  • lunch - Amy's Organic Chili, raw sunflower seeds
  • snack - Carrot Cake Clif Bar
  • dinner - Brown Rice and Quinoa mixed with Amy's Minestrone Soup and green beans
  • snack -1/2 vega chocolate whole food, hemp powder, hemp milk


144 ounces of water


Tried lifting in the morning.not sure how i feel about doing it in the morning, feels i have to rush things so i can eat breakfast before work.But on the other hands I am fresh right out of bed and don't have 8-10 hours of being on my feet to hamper my results.So not sure what I am going to do from now on.tomorrow with assisted pull ups i have to lift after work at the gym but all the other days i can do in the morning or afternoon.something for to think about i guess.


Anyways work went well today with just a 8 hour work day (rest of the week is 9 hours)..energy level seemed fine all day..pain free today from legs, usually two days after legs I get that my legs feel like jello feeling but not today.that is about all I have to say..


I can't thank you enough Michelle for your advice and encouragement!! Thanks Karen, there are quite a few people on here that are inspiring, most have different goals overall but the one thing most have in common is having good health.


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Keep up the great work, Jesse!


I should finally be able to get your prize package out today. Been a bit behind with some time out of town and long days, but I'm on it.


Have a great day. Keep rockin! Really glad you're enjoying working with Michelle. She's super awesome!

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Workout - BACK and ABS

  • Assisted Pull Ups (switched grips doing these) - 195x12,165x6,165x6,150x3,180x7
  • Lat pull downs - 90x10, 90x10,90x10
  • Machine Rows - 60x10,75x8,75x10
  • Back Extensions - 65x40,95x25,125x25
  • Knee Raises on Captain’s Chair - 10,10,10
  • Crunches 50,30
  • Reverse Crunches 15,10



  • AM - Walk to work
  • PM - Walk Home from the Gym


total of about 3.7 miles





  • Breakfast - Sunnwarrior Raw Protein,Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreen, Hemp Milk, Vega whole food chocolate, Sprulina
  • snack - GO Raw Pumpkin Bar
  • snack - Clif Bar Carrot Cake, Sunflower Seeds
  • Lunch - Garbanzo Beans, Salsa
  • snack - Go Raw Spirulina
  • preworkout - Sunwarrior raw Protein
  • postworkout - Pure bar - Wild Blueberry
  • Dinner - Lentil Vegetable soup


144 ounces of water


RANT//// Couldn't eat my oatmeal because the dishes weren't done from the other people in the house the night before..I refuse to clean up after other people especially a brother who only works part time who after making his dinner catches a case of the lazies..this shit just stresses me out!! bad enough having the junk food, soda and all that crap i am trying to quit eating be all around me but just to leave the shit in a pan caked overnight.Pisses me off.one of the reasons i buy can amys soups is because I almost always just pour them out of the can without heating them because i am rolling the dice whether or not a pan will be clean anyways. /RANT


Anyways energy levels were pretty good today after i cooled off from walking to work.I am really loving these Raw Bars from GO RAW, Used up the rest of the Garbanzo Beans.I will make another batch tomorrow (maybe)..I have the next couple days off from lifting so i will do a session of cardio both days than just use Sunday as my day off..


Thanks Robert, I enjoy working with Michelle..It has been a fun month so far getting my ass back on track.



add a kombucha multi green 60 calories to my total...


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